Thai couple arrested for filming and selling explicit content of women lured via dating app

Photo: KhaoSod.

A Thai husband and wife were apprehended by the Royal Thai Police for allegedly deceiving women through a dating app, playing them with alcohol, filming explicit content, and subsequently selling it on social media platforms.

The couple, 24 year old Kantakawee Boonchalom and 27 year old Rossukon Phanarboon, who identified themselves as sex creators, reportedly earned around 600,000 baht from their illicit activities.

The arrest followed after the police discovered a Twitter account posting explicit content and inviting interested individuals to join a private group for a membership fee of 450 baht. Additionally, content was advertised on the website OnlyFans, where access was priced at US$17 per month (700 baht).

Investigations revealed that the account belonged to Kantakawee and Rossukon, who were not only the posters but also featured in over 50 explicit videos with various women.

The videos included women in school and university uniforms, some of whom appeared intoxicated and unable to control themselves. Following the collection of evidence, the couple was arrested in their condominium in Nonthaburi Province, which was also used as the filming location.

Upon inspecting the suspects’ phones and computers, the police found a significant amount of explicit content, most of which involved women who appeared to be in an intoxicated state, leading to involuntary sexual exploitation and filming.

Sexual Exploitation

Two initial victims have been identified so far, both of whom were lured through a dating app, invited to the couple’s condominium under the pretence of safety as they claimed to be siblings, intoxicated, sexually exploited, and filmed without their consent.

Despite the accusations, Kantakawee and Rossukon denied the charges. They claimed to be content creators related to swinger parties with other women and sold these videos on various platforms.

Kantakawee would typically lure women to participate through a dating app, chat with the victims, and lure them to their place under the guise of safety as Rossukon was present. The victims were then drugged before engaging in sexual activities, which were filmed by Kantakawee and Rossukon and sold in private groups.

The couple admitted to carrying out these activities for over six months, earning approximately 600,000 baht. Therefore, they were handed over to the police for further investigation, reported KhaoSod.

As investigations continue, the police urge other potential victims to come forward and file complaints. Initial investigations have found more than ten victims so far.

The police also advised parents to keep an eye on their children due to the increasing accessibility of offenders, even adults can be easily deceived. Consequently, parents should be cautious about their children’s use of various online social media platforms.

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