Son-in-law sparks house fire after abhorrent act in Phetchaburi

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Today in Phetchaburi, a troubling incident unfolded as a heartless son-in-law, Yuranan Pranprai, also known as Yu, triggered a house fire at his home. Local law enforcement, under the leadership of Police Lieutenant Krittapas Montri, and the fire department swiftly responded to the scene to bring the situation under control.

The incident took place in a single-storey house and a nearby cattle pen, which suffered minor damage. The fire was eventually subdued by the local fire department from the Phusawan sub-district. The suspect, Yu, allegedly used a gun to coerce his 56 year old mother-in-law, Janya Deeden, into an abhorrent act of sexual violation by an acquaintance, reported KhaoSod.

The incident began on the morning of January 9, when Yu and an unidentified man arrived at Janya’s home in a pickup truck. He threatened her with a gun and forced her into the vehicle, driving her to a rented house near Wat Thasik in Thakhoi district, Phetchaburi. Once there, she was forced to stay in a room.

An hour later, Chaiwat Aumboot, a man familiar to Janya, entered the room and assaulted her. During a moment of negligence when Chaiwat fell asleep, she managed to steal his phone and attempted to call her daughter for help.

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However, her attempt was thwarted when Chaiwat woke up. Soon after, Chaiwat’s wife and mother called, informing him of his child’s severe illness, leading him and Yu to drive Janya back home.

Upon arriving home, her daughter, who had been waiting, confronted Yu and ordered him to leave their home. Yu fled, and Janya and her daughter went to Kaeng Krachan Police Station to file a complaint against Yu and Chaiwat. Upon returning home, they were informed by a neighbour that Chaiwat had returned to their house and set it ablaze before fleeing the scene.

Authorities inspected the fire site and conducted further interviews. The police expect to issue an arrest warrant for Yu and Chaiwat on January 10, adding charges of arson to their existing offences.

In related news, back in October last year, a man in Thailand was arrested for the incestuous sexual abuse of his teenage daughter, who became pregnant as a result of the abuse.

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