Khai Huang international drug trafficking gang busted in Bangkok

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A sophisticated cross-border drug trafficking gang named Khai Huang led by four prominent figures was busted in a luxurious house in the heart of Bangkok. The gang had been smuggling crystal methamphetamine concealed within the axle rods of trucks for international shipment. The head operatives, 34 year old Chen Yu Ning and 26year old Li Ming Zhen, were arrested today at their residence in Lat Krabang, Bangkok.

Furthermore, four other Taiwanese nationals connected to the Khai Huang gang – 31 year old Xing Yien Ming, 24 years old Lyn Che Cheng, 23 years old Chen Yi Huan, and 22 years old Chu Chun Yen – were apprehended along with a 24 year old Thai national named Apinya (surname withheld).

They were detained at another residence in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, along with several pieces of evidence including 17 axle rods, 1.057 kilogrammes of meth, 10 kilogrammes of cannabis, over 15 sets of tools for modifying axle rods to hide narcotics, 29 pills of the drug knowns as Five-Five, two drug-mixing machines, 17 grammes of Ketamine, and one bag of a type 1 narcotic (Happy Water).

Following an intelligence tip-off in August, Lieutenant General Chinnaphatra Sansin, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, along with officer Thiti Singsawang and a team of detectives from the Metropolitan Police, had been investigating the Taiwanese Khai Huang gang.

The gang has been identified by the Taiwanese authorities for their involvement in international drug trafficking, and they had dubbed it Khai Huang after their key operator residing in Taiwan.

The group had fled Taiwan due to arrest warrants there and had set up operations in Thailand. They had rented lavish villas in the heart of Bangkok at a monthly expense of 60,000 baht, used for receiving and exporting narcotics. The investigators planned a raid when they discovered 17 axle rods prepared for international shipping.

Khai Huang
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Investigators yesterday raided one of the Khai Huang houses in Lat Krabang, Bangkok, by using search warrants. During the search, a large amount of meth and cannabis fell out from the axle rods. They also discovered welding equipment, sharpening stones, and several other items used to modify the axle rods for hiding drugs intended for export to Taiwan.

Khai Huang
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Chen Yu Ning confessed to all charges. Seven months prior, he had escaped Taiwanese authorities by hiring a lawyer for legal defence and eventually absconded onto an outgoing cargo ship for over 15 days until he reached Cambodia. He then made his way to Thailand and set up a new base there. Chen disclosed that his associate, called Xiao Phang, stationed in Taiwan, was waiting to receive the drugs from him.

Chen revealed that he came up with the idea to hide drugs inside axle rods after reading about successful smuggling operations involving heroin and other narcotics. He procured the rods from Chonburi province and bought a kilogramme of ice from a Taiwanese friend living in Bangkok for 230,000 baht. He had also purchased 40 kilogrammes of cannabis from a local shop in Bangkok for 70,000 baht, and the payment was made via USDT cryptocurrency on several applications.

If he had been successful, he and the Khai Huang gang could have made a 10-fold profit from selling the meth, yielding about 2.5 million baht, reports Khao Sod Online.

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