Phuket stabbing: Driver fatally attacked at hotel car park

Photo: KhaoSod.

A commercial driver from Phuket province met a tragic end after visiting a popular nightclub and getting into a heated dispute. He was fatally stabbed and his body was found at the entrance of a local hotel.

Phuket police responded swiftly, arriving at the scene at 6am today.

Surachai Watitsuppaphon, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Phuket City Police Station, led the stabbing investigation with assistance from the Phuket Provincial Forensic Evidence Department and the forensic doctor from Vachira Phuket Hospital.

The Phuket stabbing crime scene was the hotel’s car park, where the body of 33 year old Virun (surname withheld), was discovered lying face down in a pool of blood. He was wearing a red short-sleeved sports shirt and red shorts.

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Virun had two stab wounds, one beneath his left nipple which pierced his heart, and one at the left rear. No evidence or signs of a struggle were found at the scene. His phone was found at the scene and it was estimated that he had been dead for at least three to four hours.

Officers inspected a nearby renowned restaurant, approximately 500 metres from the crime scene, where bloodstains were found.

Blood samples were collected for comparison with the deceased’s blood. Initial inquiries revealed that at 1.50am, the 191 Phuket City Radio Center received a report of a fight at the restaurant. However, by the time the police arrived, the injured parties had dispersed.

Residents in the area reported that those involved in the brawl had left the scene separately. The investigation continues.

Virun was a driver for the Phuket provincial commercial office. Prior to the incident, he was seen drinking at the restaurant where it is believed he argued with someone. The Phuket City Police investigation team is currently reviewing CCTV footage from the restaurant to gain a comprehensive view of the events, reported KhaoSod.

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