Drug trafficking: Woman caught with 5 million baht worth of drugs disguised as a tourist

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A woman from Phetchaburi, known as Ae Rai Rhon Khon, was apprehended today, while disguised as a tourist and transporting drugs in a passenger van. Authorities seized nearly 50,000 methamphetamine pills as she prepared to enter Kanchanaburi. The arrest followed a tip-off about a drug trafficking operation from a neighbouring country into Thailand.

Ae Rai Rhon Khon was seen acting suspiciously on a passenger van travelling from Sankhlaburi to Kanchanaburi. Upon inspection, authorities found her carrying two bags filled with a large quantity of drugs, including 48,200 methamphetamine pills, 270 grammes of heroin, and 90 grammes of ice (methamphetamine). The total value of the drugs was estimated to be around 5 million baht.

The drug trafficking suspect, identified as 43 year old Passiyawee (surname withheld), from Rai Khon, Ban Lad District, Phetchaburi, confessed during interrogation. She revealed that she had been recruited by a man to pick up the drugs from a drug dealer of Burmese nationality at the Thai-Burmese border near the Three Pagodas Pass. The drugs were to be delivered to a drug trafficking network in Kanchanaburi. For her services, she would receive 80,000 baht.

Passiyawee further confessed that this was her second drug delivery. Two weeks prior, she completed a similar job by driving a car and posing as a tourist. This time, she chose to travel by passenger van, hoping to evade the attention of law enforcement officers. She planned to deliver the drugs to a client in Kanchanaburi, but she was intercepted and arrested before she could reach her drug trafficking destination.

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Upon her arrest, Passiyawee was taken into custody and handed over to investigators for further questioning before legal proceedings could start, reported KhaoSod.

In recent news, a Bangkok man was arrested following charges of drug trafficking and firearm possession. Read more about the outcome of the case HERE.

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