Pattaya mayor calls for more security on Bali Hai pier

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After a number of incidents went viral on social media, the mayor of Pattaya ordered officials to crack down on issues at the Bali Hai pier. Crimes like price gouging and tour boats operating without licenses have been frequently reported, so as of yesterday there will be a significant increase in police and security on the pier.

Bali Hai pier is the central boating hub of Pattaya, according to the travel website Pattaya Sanook. It’s where most tourists will go for boating tours, fishing trips and scuba diving charters. But recently issues have been popping up, and tourists making complaints. The Pattaya mayor explained the situation.

“We have received many complaints about boat operators who have no legal license, some are annoying tourists and not following service rules, unfair boat service fees, and even some boats abandoning passengers after disputes regarding pricing or other issues. These have come from primarily domestic Thai tourists visiting nearby islands and the pier.”

He went on to explain that these events are damaging Pattaya’s image and if left unchecked, may drive away much-needed tourism from the city.

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“These problems have gone viral on social media which has directly damaged the good image of Pattaya tourism. We have to solve these problems in order to ensure a positive experience for all tourists. We are continuing to manage the pier to prepare for future events in Pattaya where the number of guests going to Koh Larn and other islands is forecast to increase significantly, especially over the fireworks festival and the countdown festival weekends.”

Pattaya News noted that there were a number of incidents reported on social media last weekend about the Pattaya Music Festival. Apparently, there were frequent issues of price gouging after the concert on Koh Larn let out, when boats were the only way for people to get back to the mainland.

SOURCE: Pattaya News | Pattaya Sanook

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