Pattaya cops swoop on Chinese and Burmese nationals for illegal entry and overstay

Pattaya Police bust Chinese and Burmese nationals for illegal entry and overstay, photo by The Pattaya News.

Pattaya cops swooped on a group of Chinese and Burmese nationals caught illegally entering Thailand, and overstaying their visas.

Pattaya Police raided a house in the Takhian Tia sub-district of Bang Lamung district of Bang Lamung district yesterday. This was after an investigation revealed that the house residents reportedly got into Thailand without obtaining proper documents.

The group included three Chinese nationals, a 24 year old man named Li Lili, a 25 year old man named Ma Liang, and a 56 year old woman named Tingting Wang. It also included a Burmese worker, a 20 year old woman named Nan Yong.

Ma and Nan could not produce their passports, while Tingting had overstayed her visa by 24 days.

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Officers told The Pattaya News that Nan illegally entered Thailand through a natural channel in Trat province. Nan later admitted that Li hired her as a maid at the house, and she received a salary of 7,500 baht per month. She worked there for about three months. Li was staying in Thailand legally, however, he was charged with hiring an illegal migrant worker without a work permit.

Ma and Nan were charged with illegally entering Thailand, while Tingting was charged with overstaying her visa. All four individuals were taken into custody for further legal proceedings.

The illegal entry of foreign nationals has been a growing concern for Thai authorities recently, particularly in Pattaya. Foreigners found guilty of violating immigration laws face legal consequences, which may include imprisonment, fines, and deportation.

Last month, Assistant Commissioner of Police Surachate Hakparn, also known as “Big Joke,” says that expats in Pattaya will be scrutinised closely as part of Operation X-Ray. This news followed the recent case in which a Chinese woman was abducted in Pattaya as she went to get her child from school, and gangsters demanded 1 million yuan (4.7 million baht) in ransom.

The operation involves scrutinising immigration and police records to identify wanted individuals in the Pattaya area and targeting them for removal. Sophisticated technology such as immigration vehicles equipped with smart cameras will be used to identify certain wanted individuals who may be walking on a street or area.
Operation X-Ray also involves much closer scrutiny of visa renewals for foreigners of concern, including questioning sources of income and their backgrounds. This is especially true for those of working age without work permits and an uncertain line of income.

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