Chinese woman in Pattaya abducted, 4.7 million baht ransom demanded

A Chinese woman has reportedly been abducted in Pattaya as she went to get her child from school. The suspects have allegedly demanded a 4.7 million baht ransom in exchange for her freedom.

Her husband, Ma Mingshan, filed a complaint with the police, saying his 33 year old wife, Shan Qi Qiang, was abducted. The 33 year old man said he didn’t know the identities of the abductors but they allegedly forced their way into her SUV as she went to get her three year old son from school.

According to the Pattaya News, Mingshan says the abductors stole her Nissan Terra as well and then contacted him via WeChat and ordered him to transfer 1 million yuan (4.7 million baht). He told police that the abductors called him many times demanding that he pay in stable cryptocurrency. He says he transferred about 17,140 baht already.

The abduction took place at Soi Chaiyaporn Pranimit 21. Police say they are working with Mingshan to rescue his wife. Police say she is safe as the suspects let her talk to her husband on WeChat. But, her location is still unknown.

The motive is suspected to be related to a conflict between Mingshan and the suspects who were involved in a healthcare business in Myanmar.

Police say they believe that the parties know each other, despite Mingshan saying he did not know the suspects.

The incident happened in Soi Chaiyaporn Pranimit 21 in Pattaya. Police say the suspects ditched the SUV in a deserted field after abducting the wife.

Meanwhile, The Royal Thai Police (RTP) made headlines once again for all the wrong reasons after a Thai woman accused RTP officers of kidnapping and extorting 1 million baht from her boss in the Din Daeng district of Bangkok.

Police reported that initial CCTV footage revealed that two of the men in the criminal group looked similar to Immigration Bureau police inspectors but it wasn’t conclusive.

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