Pattaya debtor allegedly stabs loan shark in self-defence

Photo by The Pattaya News.

A Pattaya debtor allegedly stabbed a loan shark in self-defence last night. The incident occurred near the Rueangwilai apartment complex in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district at 10pm.

Police found the victim, 33 year old Sarawut Kamsaiprom lying in pain at the front of the apartment with serious stab wounds to his left ribcage. Pattaya authorities found a bloodstained kitchen knife at the scene and have since kept it as evidence.

The debtor’s wife, 29 year old Nasrikan Mustapa, claims that her husband, 30 year old Abdul Raqibkhan Weeto, stabbed Sarawut in self-defense.

Nasrikan said that Sarawut was a loan shark, and he came to the apartment to collect a debt from Abdul. She said Sarawut knocked on the door and shouted threats that he would bring his friends to beat up Abdul and even shoot him dead if he didn’t repay his debt, the amount of which was not disclosed.

Abdul refused to open the door, and Sarawut left. But then, Sarawut returned and began to shout and curse outside the door. Abdul finally opened the door to face Sawawut, and a verbal altercation ensued, which eventually turned physical, resulting in Abdul stabbing Sarawut in self-defence, according to Nasrikan.

A witness told The Pattaya News that he saw Abdul leave the scene on a Honda Wave motorbike. Pattaya Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage in an attempt to track down the suspect.

Violent altercations between loan sharks and debtors are not unheard of in Pattaya, where loan sharks have in the past employed aggressive tactics to collect debts from their clients.

In November last year, loan sharks in Pattaya allegedly abducted and physically assaulted a young woman. The woman, 21 year old Tasneeporn Youngram, said the four loan sharks forced her to get in a car after she failed to repay 35,000 baht that she borrowed from them. The loan sharks then brought Tasneeporn to an empty road, dragged her out of the car and started hurting her, she said. Police said Tasneeporn suffered bruises and scratches on her lips, hands, and limbs.

In August last year, a Pattaya loan shark threatened to cut off a debtor’s finger.

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