Nakhon Si Thammarat murder: Man arrested for chilling strangulation, deadly violence

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The quiet town of Nakhon Si Thammarat was left in shock as local police arrested Seri Boonprap, an infamous 57 year old, yesterday, for the brutal strangulation of a woman in a bungalow, an act he chillingly admitted was fuelled by resentment. The victim’s premature death came as a shocking end to their tumultuous relationship, resulting in the horrifying Nakhon Si Thammarat murder.

In his confession, Seri expresses his fury towards the victim, blaming her disloyalty for his explosive reaction. On the day of the murder, he was invited over to her place, where she intended to break off things with him and announce she had found someone new. Rage washed over Seri as he ruminated over his past three years, which have been filled with relentless provision and care.

Seri spoke of his financial sacrifices, which included instances where he pawned his lands to pay off her debts and regular allowances. Overwhelmed by anger, Seri initially sought a piece of wood to vent his fury on, but he stumbled upon a rope, allowing the chilling incident that followed.

Overwhelmed with guilt after the deed, he spent an hour by the victim, gently stroking her hair in a disturbing display of disoriented affection. After leaving the crime scene, he sought to create a low profile by changing his clothes in a nearby rubber plantation forest and discarding the clothes worn during the crime along with the victim’s phone.

Then he took off to his mother’s house, a solace amidst the chaos, in the Chawang district that became his hideout until his eventual capture, reported KhaoSod.

Chokedee Srimuang, the head of the Mueang Police Station, speaks about the relentless investigation into the Nakhon Si Thammarat murder case that led to Seri’s apprehension. Numerous interrogation sessions, threaded by technological aids like phone conversations between the victim and her contacts before her tragic end, helped to zero in on Seri, the probable suspect. Each narrative was cross-verified meticulously, leading them on the path to the actual perpetrator.

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