Nakhon Ratchasima schoolboy fatally stabs peer in jealousy-fuelled dispute

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

In a tragic incident, a Year 8 student fatally assaulted his Year 10 schoolmate, reportedly due to jealousy, at a prominent school in Pimai district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. The assailant, who did not flee the scene, surrendered to police following the unfortunate event.

The incident unfolded as A, a 14 year old student, stabbed 15 year old B with a knife, according to a video clip captured by another student. Both were students of the same school and their confrontation, fuelled by jealousy, transpired outside of the music practice room. The assailant was reportedly discontented that his ex-girlfriend was growing closer to the deceased, which led to arguments. The situation escalated when the assailant brought a knife and stabbed the older boy, causing the weapon to get lodged in his abdomen and eventually leading to his demise, reported KhaoSod.

News reporters later visited the funeral of the deceased. Reporters spoke with the 35 year old mother of the deceased, Rattanaporn, and his 65 year old grandmother, Lamul, who had recently returned from the school where the incident happened.

Lamul expressed her anguish.

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“We have to ask his soul to come home and stay with the family. He was still so young and not a bad kid.”

She added that the incident has caused extreme grief for the family and pleaded with the public to not further blame their deceased grandson.

“Today, my son brought his favourite black shirt that he liked wearing. We’ve prepared everything for his funeral. We appreciate all the support from every organisation that has helped us.”

Rattanaporn revealed that she contacted the family of the assailant yesterday to join the proceedings and help prepare for the funeral, but they did not respond or communicate further.

“If they don’t attend the funeral today, that’s the end. We don’t need to talk anymore.”

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