Man fatally shoots stepson following heated argument in Uthai Thani

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A fatal domestic dispute broke out in Uthai Thani province yesterday when a 58 year old man shot his 42 year old stepson. The shooting followed a heated argument between the two after consuming alcohol in their residence.

Upon receiving an alert around 9.40pm, police officers from Lan Sak Police Station, accompanied by Uthai Thani rescue volunteers, rushed to the scene. The incident occurred at house number 64 in Moo 5, Pradu Yuen, Lan Sak district. The officers found Saneh Suwannason at the scene, awaiting arrest.

Inside the house, Krisana Thongchan was found dead with a gunshot wound to his left abdomen, said Police Lieutenant Colonel Eakchalit Nhunpong, the duty officer at Lan Sak Police Station, reported KhaoSod.

“Krisana was found face-down, lifeless, with a single gunshot wound to his left abdominal area. Nearby, an empty bottle of alcohol was discovered.”

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Family members of the deceased arrived at the home upon hearing the news. They were visibly upset with Saneh, causing the police to quickly take him to the Lan Sak Police Station for his safety.

Saneh confessed that he had used a locally-made .38 calibre gun to shoot Krisana. He further explained that he was Krisana’s stepfather and had been living with Krisana’s mother for many years, raising Krisana since he was a child.

“Before this incident, Krisana and I never had a serious altercation. However, our relationship had been strained recently. I endured his insults and derogatory comments. Today, we were both at home alone because Krisana’s mother had taken the grandchildren to visit relatives. We sat down to drink together, and as we became intoxicated, a heated argument ensued. In a fit of rage, I shot him.”

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