Man arrested for online BB gun scam in Thailand

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Police apprehended a man for selling BB guns online, deceiving customers into transferring money, and then blocking them on Facebook to avoid contact. The arrested individual claimed to only take orders, not handle deliveries.

Today, June 9, Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsawang, along with a team including Police Major General Nopasilp Poolsawat and Police Major General Teeradej Thammasuthee, arrested 53 year old Nuttanan (surname withheld) based on a warrant issued by Khon Kaen Provincial Court (warrant number 65/2020, dated March 31, 2020).

The charges included fraud and importing false computer data likely to cause damage. The arrest occurred in front of a house in Don Yai Hom, Nakhon Pathom, on June 8.

The case began when, on June 4, 2018, the victim reported the incident to Police Lieutenant Colonel Boonsuan Laojum at Khon Kaen City Police Station. The victim, Kittiphat, discovered a Facebook post by Nuttanan advertising BB guns for sale. Believing the offer, Kittiphat agreed to purchase a BB gun for 7,000 baht (US$190), transferring the amount to Nuttanan’s account.

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More than 20 days passed without receiving the product. Initially, Kittiphat could contact Nuttanan, but on June 23, Nuttanan blocked him on Facebook, making further communication impossible. This led Kittiphat to file a complaint at Khon Kaen City Police Station, demanding the prosecution of Nuttanan.

During interrogation, Nuttanan admitted to previously selling BB guns. He conducted business with acquaintances and confirmed receiving 7,000 baht in his account. Nuttanan claimed ignorance about whether his business partner actually delivered the goods to customers, reported KhaoSod.

He stated that his role was only to take orders, while another person handled deliveries. Following the confession, police transferred Nuttanan to Khon Kaen City Police Station for legal proceedings,

Nuttanan confessed that he was only responsible for taking orders.

“I did not handle the deliveries. Someone else did.”

In related news, police officers apprehended a Thai woman at her condominium in the Nawamin district for allegedly defrauding people through an online scam operation of mobile phone sales.

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