Police arrest woman in Nawamin for online mobile phone scam

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Police officers apprehended a Thai woman at her condominium in the Nawamin district for allegedly defrauding people through an online scam operation of mobile phone sales. She faces three separate fraud charges.

Authorities arrested 24 year old Ruangfa, also known as Mabel, following a lengthy investigation into online criminal networks causing significant public distress.

Ruangfa had reportedly set up a fake Facebook profile to portray a legitimate online mobile phone store. She posted attractive offers for various phone brands, luring victims into transferring payments to her bank account. The victims never received their phones.

On April 23, the Khon Kaen Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant for Ruangfa, leading to her subsequent capture today. Upon her arrest, the Thai authorities discovered that she had numerous other bank accounts associated with similar fraudulent activities.

Most victims, aged between 17 and 25, had been enticed by the low prices of advertised phones. The total financial loss from these scams was substantial.

Ruangfa, however, denied being the mastermind behind the fraud, stating that she only allowed her bank account to be used for receiving and forwarding money transfers. Stating that she received 300 to 500 baht per transaction from unknown Facebook users who approached her.

Despite her claims of ignorance, further investigation revealed that Ruangfa had another arrest warrant from the Nathawi Provincial Court dated September 25, 2020, for a similar fraud case.

Her criminal record showed a pattern of online scams involving mobile phone sales, where she ultimately blocked the victims and disappeared with their money.

Police Major General Theeradej Thammasuthee reveals that this arrest is part of a broader initiative to crack down on online criminals and mule accounts.

He also emphasised the importance of public vigilance against such frauds, warning people against allowing their bank accounts to be used for suspicious transactions in exchange for money.

This crackdown aligns with the policy directive from senior law enforcement officials to aggressively pursue and dismantle online criminal networks, reported Khaosod.

Authorities continue to investigate the extent of Ruangfa’s involvement and are working to identify other potential victims. The police have also issued reminders to the public about the risks associated with online transactions and the importance of verifying the credibility of sellers before making any payments.

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