Sausage scandal sizzles: Firm’s funds filched, couple cuffed

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A prominent fermented pork sausage firm has been hit by an enormous embezzlement case, leading to the arrest of a couple believed to be the prime culprits. A 41 year old man and his 39 year old wife are under investigation for the alleged theft of a staggering 396 million baht.

Today, around 6.30am, teams from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) and the Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) launched operations to search seven locations in Pathum Thani, Nakhon Nayok, and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces. Their primary target was a large two-story house at the Casa Ville housing estate in Rangsit-Khlong Song of Thayaburi district in Pathum Thani, owned by the accused couple.

Thachathorn Nuayen is facing charges of colluding in money laundering, as stated in an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court. Naphasorn Nuayen, on the other hand, is wanted for theft, illegal use of other people’s electronic cards, money laundering, and conspiracy to launder money.

Upon the police’s arrival at the house, the suspects were not present. Information later revealed that the couple had left early this morning to celebrate Naphasorn’s mother’s birthday at a temple in Suphan Buri’s U Thong district. The police apprehended them in the temple’s car park.

Donmuang Fermented Pork Sausage Co., brought the case to the attention of CSD sub-division 2 last year, citing suspected financial irregularities within the company. Investigations pointed towards Naphasorn, the niece of the owner, who was entrusted with the company’s financial management and accounting.

Allegedly, Naphasorn transferred money from the company’s bank accounts to her own and misappropriated funds intended for business partners. Police claim that she carried out around 1,000 instances of theft between 2013 and 2023, amounting to 396.22 million baht (US$10.7 million). The stolen funds were reportedly laundered through the purchase of land, houses, luxury vehicles, and other valuables, some of which were registered in her husband’s name, reported Bangkok Post.

Assets such as houses, title deeds, and cars were seized by the police for further investigation into their funding sources. The couple are currently held in police custody awaiting legal proceedings.

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