Investigation into Thai student’s fatal fall over parking dispute

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The investigation speeds up in the case of a postgraduate student from Kasetsart University, who tragically fell from the sixth floor of a mansion. The police probe is focused on multiple witnesses, including the man believed to have initiated the incident due to a parking dispute. Today Police Lieutenant Colonel Witthaya Ruangthep, deputy investigation chief at Chokchai police station, provided an update on the case.

The student’s fatal fall followed an altercation with a man, referred to as Sommat, who was irate over a parking spot being occupied. The incident occurred Yesterday and officers have been interviewing multiple witnesses since.

Witthaya stated that the witnesses included the building’s security personnel and a housekeeper who reportedly directed the suspect to the victim’s room. Furthermore, the person who parked the motorbike in Sommat’s spot was also interrogated. He intended to discuss the matter but mistakenly knocked on the victim’s door.

Witthaya, all witnesses confirmed that the mansion has no established parking regulations, stating that the spot is given to whoever arrives first. However, the suspect took the matter into his own hands due to his dissatisfaction, leading to the unfortunate incident. Further charges or adjustments to the existing charge will be at the discretion of the investigative committee in the subsequent proceedings.

This case is generating significant public interest, not least because of the tragic death of a postgraduate student. As the investigation continues, there is a growing need for clearer parking regulations to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future. The suspect’s actions have shed light on a serious issue, and it is hoped that this tragic event will lead to necessary changes in the management of shared spaces like parking lots, reported KhaoSod.

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