American man wakes up to find hotel manager sucking his toes

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An American man suffered a shocking experience while staying at a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, when he awoke to find the hotel manager sucking his toes. The bizarre incident occurred on March 30. The man recounted how he had checked into the hotel alone and went to bed early, only to wake up feeling an unusual sensation on his feet. Unable to comprehend what was happening, the man was even more horrified to discover that the stranger in his room was allegedly 52 year old David Neal, the hotel’s night manager.

The customer explained that he recognised Neal, as the manager had been one of the hotel employees who repaired the television in his room the day before. Filled with rage, the man confronted Neal and immediately called the police. The victim, Peter Brennan told NewsChannel 5…

“I instantly jumped up and was screaming. Went into a sort of fact-finding mode. Who are you? Why are you in my room? What are you doing here?”

Brannan said that Neal was talking to him, but not giving him substantive answers.

Upon investigation, Neal allegedly admitted to using a spare key card to access the guest’s room. However, he denied any malicious intent, arguing that he had entered the room after smelling smoke and wanted to ensure the safety of the hotel guest.

The Nashville police found inconsistencies in Neal’s story, as he had not informed the hotel security staff of any suspected fire. Furthermore, other guests and hotel employees disclosed that they had not detected any unusual odours, such as smoke. Additionally, the spare key card used by Neal to enter the room was not found, as he claimed to have discarded it.

Neal was arrested on Friday at his residence on multiple charges. Currently, he is being held in a local jail with a bail of US$27,000 (approximately 900,000 baht).

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