Famed chef accused of unfair dismissal and misconduct

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A renowned chef has been exposed by a former employee for unfair dismissal and deception, leading her into a group sex event. The chef’s deceptive behaviour towards multiple employees has been revealed, with some even facing threats. The disclosures were posted on the popular page Let’s Be Famous, I’ll Arrange It Return Part 6, featuring stories of the chef’s misconduct.

The former employee, a female whose name was not revealed, spoke to an online news outlet today, disclosing her experiences working at the chef’s restaurant. She served as a branch leader from January to February of the same year before she was unjustly dismissed.

The reasons for her dismissal were claimed to be underperformance and unreported leave, although she provided medical certificates for every instance of leave. The woman outlined that during her tenure at the restaurant, she faced numerous issues including unclear work structure, coordination problems, and the hiring of foreign workers with irregular documentation.

Furthermore, the inconsistent salary payments from the chef put some employees into rental difficulties, signalling serious misconduct in the workplace.

Following her dismissal, the woman did not receive her final month’s salary or 40 hours of overtime pay she was owed. She filed a complaint with the Department of Labour, which ordered the chef to compensate her. However, she has yet to be contacted by the chef, who also threatened to file a police report against her.

Despite her long experience in the restaurant industry, the woman had never encountered such misconduct with a chef before. She now awaits the Department of Labour’s next steps, as failure to comply with their order could lead to a criminal case, reported KhaoSod.

The woman also mentioned another misconduct case involving the chef with a different employee who had been deceived in a similar manner. Several foreign workers were lured into inappropriate activities, including sexual services and group sex.

Some of these foreign workers have returned to their home countries, raising concerns over potential human trafficking. The woman had been warned by former employees to be cautious of the chef due to his notorious reputation of stalking some employees at their residences after being unfairly dismissed.

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