Ex-husband shoots wife’s new partner in Phatthalung market attack

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A violent incident involving a recently released ex-husband occurred in Phatthalung province today. The ex-husband, using a gun, forced his ex-wife’s new husband out of a vehicle and shot him. The ex-wife recounted previous violent behaviour, including an acid attack.

At 5.45am today, Kasama Pojchanasanti, a duty officer at Tamod Police Station in Phatthalung, received a report of a shooting incident that left one person injured. The event took place behind the municipal fresh market in Mae Khri, Tamod district. Upon receiving the report, officers rushed to the scene.

At the scene, officers found a bronze-gold Isuzu pickup truck with Phatthalung license plates parked by the roadside. Bloodstains were found near and in front of the vehicle.

The injured individual, 57 year old Chuea, was shot in the cheek with a 9mm firearm. Emergency responders from Mae Khri transported him to Tamod Hospital.

Preliminary investigations revealed that as Chuea parked his vehicle, a black pickup truck pulled up abruptly in front of him. The driver of the black pickup truck then approached Chuea’s vehicle and dragged him out, and an argument ensued. A gunshot was heard, and Chuea was injured, while the assailant fled the scene.

Chuea later explained that during his morning trip to the market to buy goods for his home business, 39 year old Samran, his wife’s ex-husband, followed him from home. Upon arrival at the market, Samran dragged Chuea out of his vehicle and demanded he go with him at gunpoint.

When Chuea resisted, Samran pointed the gun at his head and fired. Chuea managed to deflect the shot with his hand, resulting in the bullet grazing his cheek. Samran and Chuea’s wife had been separated for over three years.

Wassana, Chuea’s wife, shared that two and a half years ago, Samran had violently attacked her by throwing acid, causing severe burns on her body, face, arms, and legs. She endured immense pain due to Samran’s paranoid behaviour, reported KhaoSod.

Following the acid attack, Samran also attacked a neighbour with a machete, resulting in injuries. Samran was subsequently prosecuted and had only been released from prison in February 2023. Upon his release, he once again targeted Wassana’s new husband.

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