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    Tragedy unfolds as Thai official Kawinna’s ex-husband confesses to her murder

    The disappearance of Kawinna, or Fon, a 39 year old official from the Tambon Administration Organization (TAO) in Ban Na San, Surat Thani, ended in tragedy. Last seen on November 13, the mystery surrounding her disappearance unravelled when her 39 year old ex-husband, Prasitporn, confessed to her murder. Prasitporn, who was the last person to see Kawinna alive, initially told…

  • Crime News

    Ex-husband violently attacks man in Rayong after recent breakup with girlfriend

    A 40 year old man was attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-husband outside a village in Rayong province, Thailand, following the couple’s breakup 15 days ago. The attacker, accompanied by a friend, severely injured the victim before fleeing the scene. At around 9am this morning, the authorities were alerted about an incident of assault at the entrance of a village on…