Drug-crazed Thai man murders 3 teens in cold blood in Krabi

Photo via วัชรา ตาคำ-Mr.Watchara Takum

In a horrific scene more fitting to a gangster movie, a Thai man high on drugs mowed down three teenagers and shot them dead in cold blood on Khao Panom-Tung Yai Road in Krabi.

Witnesses revealed the man, high on methamphetamine, drove his BMW Series 525i black sedan car into the three teenagers travelling down the road on a motorcycle, knocking them off. In a rage, he stepped out of his car and shot the three 18 year olds, one by one, in cold blood before setting off on his way.

Officers from Khao Panom Police Station, and a rescue team, arrived on the scene at 2am yesterday and found the bodies of three teenage victims, two girls and one boy, by the roadside. They were reported to be grade 12 students from Phanom Benja School. Natnicha Phanseng and Phanthira Choothong were both shot in the back and Nonthaphat Udomsi was shot in the face. The burned wreckage of the motorcycle was found near their bodies.

Police reported the teenagers left Phanthira’s house to go to Natnicha’s home at about midnight but they didn’t reach their destination.

Police managed to track down the murderer, 42 year old Theerasak “Sia Toi” Boonrueng, the owner of a car maintenance service garage located on the Khao Panom-Tung Yai Road.

A team of 20 police officers gathered at Theerasak’s garage where they found the black sedan, which was damaged.

Officers called for the suspect to surrender but a standoff ensued and he locked himself inside his house. After about an hour Theerasak opened the door and started shooting at the surrounding police. He stopped when he saw his father and officers took their chance to apprehend him.

Under questioning, Theerasak confessed that he took two methamphetamine tablets before he went out. He drove a car from his wife’s house and crashed into the teenagers’ motorbike.

He said he didn’t know the teenagers and there was no conflict between them.

Theerasak’s 69 year old mother, Prasert Boonrueng, told police her son was a drug addict. She revealed he’d had drug addiction treatment in the past but it didn’t work. His mother added that Theerasak had been previously arrested in another murder case.

Theerasak hasn’t been charged yet as police continue their investigation.

Officers reported that Theerasak has been imprisoned at the Khao Panom Police Station and attacked two inmates at about 5.15pm yesterday.

Police said he punched one inmate and banged another’s head against the wall until he bled all over the prison floor.

According to Section 288 of the Criminal Laws related to Offenses against Life and Body, Theerasak could face the death penalty, imprisonment from 15 to 20 years old, or life imprisonment for murdering other people.

He also used methamphetamine which violates the Narcotics Act leading to imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to 20,000 baht, or both.

SOURCE: Thairath | Sanook

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