Chiang Rai police arrest 2 women driving with 1 million meth pills

PHOTO: Two women were stopped in Chiang Rai carrying 1 million meth pills. (via Khaorobkhai by Hem Facebook)

In Chiang Rai, a car was tracked down and stopped that contained 2 young women, and 1 million meth pills. The car was pulled over in Wiang Chiang Rung district, where the 2 women were promptly arrested after a search revealed multiple bags full of methamphetamine pills.

Police were ready for the arrest, after receiving information from the Drug Suppression Operations Centre about a smuggling syndicate travelling across the border and through Chiang Rai. Officers received specific information and descriptions, and local police and soldiers were told to keep a watch for a Mazda CX-5 that was said to be carrying a stash meth pills.

The car, with Chiang Rai license plates, was identified as it was being driven from Muang District to Wiang Chiang Rung district on Monday afternoon at about 5:30 pm. Officers followed the car for a short while before pulling the vehicle over at Thung Kor village.

According to the commander of the North Region Drug Suppression Operations Centre, inside the Mazda, police found 6 bags each stuffed full of meth pills, totalling 1 million tablets. The huge haul was being transported by two young women. One was identified as a local of the Chiang Rai province and 25 years old, while details were unavailable about the second woman. Both were taken into custody.

Chiang Rai has become a popular stop along the drug smuggling routes, with drugs like these meth pills being snuck over the Burmese border and travelling through the Mae Fa Luang district in Chiang Rai as well as the Fang district in Chiang Mai.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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