Carport construction dispute leads to deadly shooting in Samut Prakan

Photo: KhaoSod.

A long-standing dispute over a carport construction project led to a fatal shooting in Samut Prakan Province. The incident occurred at 10.30am today. One man was killed and another injured in a snooker hall on Thepharak Road, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province.

The deceased was identified as 54 year old Sompron, a construction worker, who was found with five gunshot wounds to the head and body. Prakop, a local food vendor, was also injured by a hot bullet casing. At the scene, five 9mm bullet casings were discovered.

Sompron, the victim, and the suspect were both contractors. Sompron was a construction foreman, while the suspect was a senior contractor. Their homes were close to the snooker hall.

The conflict began when Sompron went to the contractor’s house to collect his tools and a dispute arose about their work. The argument escalated at the snooker table.

A 66 year old witness, Yod, said the heated exchange led to a physical confrontation. Before any punches were thrown, the senior contractor, who had a concealed weapon on him, fired multiple shots at Sompron, killing him instantly. The hot bullet casing injured Prakop, the food vendor. The suspect then seized the opportunity to flee in his pickup truck.

Another resident, 55 year old Paewanpen, stated that the argument was over the construction of the suspect’s carport. Sompron, the worker, was unhappy with the work, causing discontent with the suspect, the contractor, and a senior to Sompron. This led to a heated verbal argument and the suspect eventually ordered Sompron to stop working and leave.

On the day of the carport dispute, when Sompron returned to collect his belongings and tools from the suspect’s lodging, another argument ensued, which tragically resulted in Sompron’s death reported KhaoSod.

The Bang Sao Thong Police are deploying forces to track down and apprehend the suspect, and are blocking potential escape routes. They are committed to bringing the suspect to justice as swiftly as possible.

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