House shooting in Thailand leaves one dead, couple injured

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A ruthless gunman stormed a house, firing at a couple until his magazine was emptied. One person died on the spot while the couple sustained injuries from stray bullets. The event occurred yesterday, with police now having a lead on the gunman involved in this brutal house shooting.

The house shooting took place in a single-story concrete house in the heart of a community near a mosque. Three people were injured, with one later succumbing to his injuries. The deceased, identified as Salee, a 46 year old man, was shot multiple times in the stomach and body with a suspected 9mm firearm. Despite efforts to rush him to the hospital, he did not survive.

In addition, 54 year old Pin was shot in the stomach and leg while his wife, 52 year old Gooddee, was shot in the leg and foot. Both were injured in their home and were quickly taken to the hospital. Police discovered seven 9mm shell casings and a bullet on the ground in front of the house, which were collected as evidence.

The shooting took place at the house of Pin and Gooddee, the injured couple. At the time of the shooting, their relative Salee was lying on the concrete floor in front of the house.

A lone assailant approached and began shooting at Salee, as he lay in front of the house. Witnesses reported hearing ten consecutive shots, suggesting the gunman emptied his magazine before fleeing the scene.

Salee sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his stomach and body, which proved fatal. The stray bullets also struck the couple inside the house.

Witnesses revealed that earlier in the evening, Salee had had a dispute with another local, which escalated into a physical assault with a wooden stick. Following the altercation, Salee went to rest at the home of his relatives, where he was later fatally shot.

The police have identified a potential suspect and are currently pursuing him for further investigation reported KhaoSod.

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