Thailand’s deputy police chief “Big Joke” is unsure that missing baby is alive

Thailand’s deputy police chief “Big Joke,” says he is unsure that the missing eight month old baby who disappeared from his home is alive. However, Surachate Hakparn, better known as “Big Joke,” says he is quite sure that the baby’s parents know what happened.

The parents of the missing baby, 19 year old Sitthichoke Saengsawang and 16 year old Philaiporn Korcharoen, told police that their son went missing from their home in Bang Lane district in Nakhon Pathom Province at around 7.30am on February 5.

Philaiporn said she was sleeping with the baby, Torsak, and felt someone take him away without waking her up. When she woke up, she could not find the baby with any relatives.

Police checked security footage, but have not found any sign of the baby being carried away by anyone, Nation Thailand reported. Surachate noted that he had heard reports of a trace of the blood being found on the baby’s pillow.

According to Thai PBS World, Big Joke says he has ordered police to use all means available to them to extract the truth from the young couple.

They were escorted yesterday from their home in Nakhon Pathom Province to the district police station for further questioning.

Police say they will conduct polygraph tests and say that the couple is ready to cooperate to prove their innocence.

Big Joke says that there are several theories surrounding the baby’s disappearance. Such theories include assault, a fight between the couple, or that the husband may have thought he was not the baby’s father.

He added that he had reprimanded the local police for failing to respond immediately when they were alerted to the baby’s disappearance. Searches for the missing infant and forensic testing have not turned up any clues.

“The investigation has gone nowhere so I had to summon the team to inquire about the progress.”

Surachate expressed concern about the lack of progress in the case. In light of a report that blood was found on the baby’s pillow, he stressed the importance of proper evidence collecting.

Last week, the Mirror Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, commented on the situation. A spokesperson said that it would be impossible for an outsider to reach the home of the baby.

He said that most of the Mirror Foundation’s cases found that family members were responsible for missing children.

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