‘Big Joke’ team search home of alleged triad leader Yu Xinqi

Immigration police visit luxury Bangkok mansion

Following last week’s Facebook revelations by the Pied Piper of Bangkok Chuwit Kamolvisit, immigration police Saturday searched a house in Bangkok’s posh Watcharaphol area belonging to alleged triad leader Yu Xinqi.

The house belongs to the Chinese businessman who Chuwit alleges set up the Shaanxi Association of Thailand, without a license from the Ministry of Interior. The search of the house was witnessed by the president of the association accused by Chuwit, Yu Xinqi.

Impersonating a member of the royal family

Alleged triad leader Yu’s visa was revoked by the Immigration Bureau on Thursday, according to Deputy National Police Chief General Surachet “Big Joke” Hakparn. Yu’s visa was cancelled as he was found to have enriched himself by claiming connections with “influential Thai figures.” Influential figures included the Deputy Chief himself.

Surachet said police will file three initial charges against Yu Xinqi – committing public fraud, establishing a foundation without a permit, and impersonating a member of the royal family.

In his Facebook posting Chuwit suggested that Yu had already left the kingdom.

Police have been monitoring his residence in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, Big Joke said. Surachet, who is responsible for Chinese triad investigations, said officials found no evidence that Yu had attempted to flee Thailand.

Yu has been using photos of himself with high-ranking Thai figures to lure other Chinese nationals into investing with him, claiming that he has connections with them, BJ said. There was a picture of Big Joke among Yu’s snapshots of the rich and famous, but the top cop said it was taken without his knowledge. The deputy national police chief admitted that it’s not the first time crooks have claimed association with him.

Chuwit claims that Yu’s Shaanxi Association of Thailand is an “underground railroad” allowing thousands of Chinese triads express routes across the kingdom’s borders.

Nothing to see here

The search of alleged triad leader Yu’s property did not uncover anything illegal, but police took away some documents related to the house and his cars for examination.

Immigration police also searched a room in the Sena Nikhom 1 area, which was reportedly rented by the Chinese businessman and used as a temporary office of the association.

Big Joke expects more complaints to be filed against Yu and provide information useful to the investigation.

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