Bangkok crime spree: Transgender gang member arrested for drugging and robbing victims

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A 22 year old transgender member of a notorious Bangkok crime spree gang, known as the Khlong Nazepam or Ping Ping, has been arrested in Bangkok. She was accused of drugging and robbing unsuspecting victims across the city.

The operation was led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Theeradet Thamsuthee and his PCT 5 unit at 11.30am today. The transgender woman, Aphichat, was wanted under two arrest warrants, one issued on July 10 for robbery in a dwelling at night in the vicinity of Sutthisan Police Station and another warrant issued yesterday, September 11 for robbery in a dwelling at night in the vicinity of Phaya Thai Police Station.

Six identification cards belonging to other individuals were found in her possession. She claimed that these were part of her scam. Six mobile phones were also found, two belonging to Aphichat and four to the call centre gang. Additionally, 25,000 baht in cash and three panels of the drug Clonazepam were seized.

Clonazepam is used to render victims unconscious. Aphichat would typically target men through a dating app and lure them with offers of money. Once the victim was sedated through a spiked drink, Aphichat would assault them if they resisted and then steal from them.

Her most recent crime victim was a young man at a well-known hotel in Soi Sri Ayutthaya 12, Phaya Thai Road, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok. Aphichat had stolen cash, a mobile phone, and a big bike from the victim. The total value of the stolen goods amounted to approximately 200,000 baht.

Aphichat then fled the scene. The police followed his trail to Aranyaprathet District, Sa Kaeo Province, where she planned to escape to a neighbouring country. After being arrested at the border, Aphichat confessed to all charges.

She admitted to being part of a call centre gang in Poipet, Cambodia, for over three years. The gang had defrauded Thai people of millions of baht, with Aphichat earning a commission of 400,000 baht. However, she had spent all of her earnings on gambling.

Currently, she is the right-hand man of a Taiwanese boss, known as Xiao Fei Xian, who owns three call centres in Poipet.

Aphichat further confessed to taking pleasure in watching his victims collapse after being drugged. She recounted an incident where she had drugged a group of young men at a tourist spot, causing all four of them to collapse simultaneously.

This gave her a sense of power and thrill. Aphichat admitted that she was addicted to this thrill and would take time off from her call centre job two to three times a month to come to Bangkok for crime sprees.

The initial motivation for her frequent Bangkok crime sprees was an incident where a man had stolen over 80,000 baht from her while she was asleep after they had engaged in sex. Out of revenge, Aphichat decided to lure the man and drug him, stealing all his belongings. She found the act satisfying and continued to commit similar crimes, reported KhaoSod.

The drugs Aphichat used were acquired by pretending to need them for personal use. If doctors refused to prescribe them, she would threaten to commit suicide.

When Aphichat would steal cars, she would keep the vehicles for no more than two hours. The stolen vehicles were then sold to a smuggling operation.

As for the several ID cards found in her possession, they were either from her victims or from people who had opened bank accounts with her. She used them for various transactions under a false name to protect her identity.

The Police Deputy Superintendent stated that they were not entirely convinced by Aphichat’s confession in the Bangkok crime spree. During the arrest, they found evidence of at least 13 stolen motorcycles and information on 10 potential victims.

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