Angry woman sets fire to her boyfriend’s Pattaya room

PHOTO: An angry Thai woman set fire to her boyfriend's room. (via The Pattaya News)

A Thai woman in Pattaya gave new meaning to the phrase “in the heat of passion.” After accusing her boyfriend of having an affair, the enraged woman set fire to his rented apartment room. The incident took place early yesterday morning in Nong Prue.

At about 1.30am, Nong Prue Police were notified of a fire in a rental room on Phon Prapa Nimit Road. Their response was quick, and several fire engines were dispatched to the scene of the fire. The Pattaya News described a room with thick smoke billowing out from it as firefighters began to battle the flames.

It took firefighters about 10 minutes to bring the blaze under control. The room suffered severe damage, but luckily the flames did not spread to other connected rooms.

The 33 year old man whose room was set ablaze is a Thai national who is dating the 25 year old arsonist. He said that his Thai girlfriend was drunk at the time of the incident. In her drunken rage, he described how she lit the room on fire.

“My girlfriend, Ms Donlaya Nalee, 25, who was intoxicated, set the fire. She was angry and jealous of me allegedly having an affair with another woman. She could not control herself before she destroyed the room and attacked me. She set fire to the bed which then spread through the room.”

The irate woman was taken into custody and transported to the Nong Prue Police Station. She was taken there to calm down and hopefully sober up a bit before being interrogated by police. There were no details on what charges will be filed against her so far.

Meanwhile, the man whose room was set fire by the infuriated girlfriend declined to comment on whether or not her accusations of him having an affair with another woman were valid or not.

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