Aggressive Saraburi truck driver rams and flees, victim seeks justice (video)

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A truck driver disregarded traffic regulations, causing a collision before fleeing the scene in Saraburi province. The owner of the other vehicle involved in the incident reported the damage, and police are investigating this dangerous driving incident that occurred at 3pm on July 8.

A Facebook post showed a four-door white truck reversing at high speed into a white pickup. The video was posted by 42 year old Yupaporn, from Cha-am, Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi.

Yupaporn said she was travelling with her husband and grandfather, returning from Om Noi, Nakhon Pathom to pick up some raw food for their fish business. After reaching Buddhamonthon 4 Road, her husband, who was driving in the express lane, had a collision with the four-door white truck attempting to merge into the express lane. Due to the heavy traffic, her husband did not initially give way to the truck.

Yupaporn said that the truck tried to force its way into the lane, which resulted in a side collision. Their car had marks on the left side mirror and left wheel arch. Her husband parked his vehicle by the left side of the road to discuss the incident, considering their car was insured. The truck in question stood in front of their vehicle and also parked by the left side, reported KhaoSod.

Then, a woman in her thirties got out of the truck. Suddenly, the four-door truck rammed into Yupaporn’s vehicle. It then drove forward and rammed her car two more times, with the last instance being the most powerful hit caught on camera. After this string of shocks, the truck sped away, leaving their car heavily damaged and unable to drive. The trio were incredibly rattled, and Yupaporn screamed inside the car.

Yupaporn believes the driver of the four-door truck acted out of frustration, thinking her car was not permitting their entry into her lane. Subsequently, she reported the incident to the insurance company, and their vehicle was towed to the Buddhamonthon Police Station, where an official account of the day’s events was recorded.

An officer assured Yupaporn that they would swiftly locate the aggressive truck driver for questioning. In the meantime, Yupaporn’s car was towed from the police station for repairs in Saraburi. The repairs are expected to take two to three months. This means she will not be able to earn any income due to the car being in the process of payments to the finance company.

In her closing statement, Yupaporn made an earnest appeal to drivers to remain patient on the road. She acknowledged that traffic can cause frustration. However, if accidents like this or severe ones occur, she questioned how the individuals involved would handle the consequences, considering her lost earnings during the car repairs. She stressed that everyone should keep their cool as everyone’s sharing the road space.

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