A Texas-like school tragedy avoided thanks to quick-thinking Police in Pattaya

A Robb Elementary School-like tragedy was avoided thanks to quick-thinking police in Pattaya.

A crazed gunman shot and killed 19 children and two adults last week at the Texas primary school in an incident that shocked the world. Thankfully another tragedy was avoided when police reacted instantly to the danger of a man high on drugs, who threatened to harm children at the Nong Jabtao School in the Khao Chee Chan area south of Pattaya.

Earlier, near-by residents alerted police they had been threatened by a man behaving irrationally.

Police were then dispatched to apprehend the man, identified as Chedchai Laempeng, who ran amok in the school on Friday, May 27 and threatened to take one of the students hostage on seeing the officers arrive.

Alerted to the fracas, children ran away from the 46 year old man, who was unarmed, and police managed to apprehend him before he could cause any harm.

A urine drugs test at the police station revealed the incoherent Chedchai had taken a lot of methamphetamines, and he was charged with the use of Schedule 1 illegal substances.


Source Pattaya Mail


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