650 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine found off Trang’s coast

PHOTO: Trang Marine Police/Facebook

650 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine has been found off the coast of Kantang which is in the southern Thai province of Trang. Reportedly, the methamphetamine was loaded into fertiliser sacks which were then tied to barrels that floated along the sea.

An unnamed marine generator vessel alerted officials to the suspicious buoy like objects that were floating between Koh Laoliang and Koh Libong over the weekend.

When officials arrived at the location, they found 32 fertiliser sacks that were connected to 3 barrels. Officials took the barrels on board their vessel and discovered the barrels were chock full of crystal methamphetamine.

The drug sacks were then taken to the marine police station in Kantang.

In total, police discovered 650 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. The drugs are valued at 1 million baht per kilogram, said police yesterday.

Jaturawit Kotchanuam, superintendent of Marine Police Division 9, says an investigation is underway to find those associated with the drugs. The governor of Trang, Khajornsak Charoensopha, says drug smuggling operations are more and more turning to the sea as a conduit for the drug trade.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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