5,000 prisoners in Thailand are suffering from mental health illness

There are 260,000 prisoners across 143 jails in Thailand, and around 5,000 convicts are dealing with mental health problems.

Psychologists have revealed reports of anxiety and depression that is most common among prisoners sentenced for drug-related offences. A large number of offenders already suffer from mental illness before arrest while others deteriorate once they are jailed, according to the Corrections Department.

Prisoners are treated by psychologists in the penitentiary if inmates have mild symptoms such as depression, anxiety and stress. However, those with severe symptoms are sent to the hospital for treatment. Most of the prisoners that are suffering are incarcerated in Bangkok and Thonburi jails.

There are only 31 psychologists working across 10 of the larger prisons in Thailand. Prisons aside, the Medical Correctional Institution, Suan Prung Hospital, and state hospitals, doctors and therapists also treat offenders.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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