3 year old in South Thailand reportedly taken to hospital after eating weed brownie

A Facebook post claims that a 3 year old child in South Thailand’s Pattani province was taken to a hospital after eating a weed brownie. The poster titled the post “Story of a Friend.” He claims the girl’s teacher noticed that she was shivering and unable to walk when they fell asleep. When the girl woke up, she couldn’t speak. The teacher then called the girl’s parents.

The girl’s father picked her up and took her to a hospital, where she complained of feeling sleepy and hungry. A doctor asked the girl to perform physical tasks such as raising her hands and lifting her feet. The girl could do the tasks, but slowly. A family member then told the family that the girl had eaten a brownie mixed with marijuana.


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It was not reported how the girl got the brownie. Thai media spoke to a baker in the area, who said they wouldn’t put ganja in their brownies because it’s not halal. The mother refused to speak with the Thai media outlet Amarin TV, citing negativity toward her family. The girl has reportedly recovered, however, the family is now warning other families to be careful with their children.


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Tara Abhasakun

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