Stabbing incident: Meth user fatally attacks friend over drug theft in Patthalung

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A 21 year old man, high on eight methamphetamine pills, committed a brutal stabbing attack on his friend, inflicting 13 wounds that led to his death. The stabbing incident occurred yesterday and was promptly investigated by the local police who used CCTV footage to quickly apprehend the suspect.

Officer Soros Chanapan, of Khao Chaison Police Station, Patthalung province, was informed by the officer on duty at Tha Nang Phrom Guard Box about a violent incident involving a knife attack. Two employees of a second-hand clothing store had been fatally wounded. The stabbing incident took place in a room in Khao Chaison, prompting the officer to rush to the crime scene.

The crime scene was a second-hand clothing store where the police found the victim, 32 year old Wichai Sae Lee, who worked at the store. He had suffered stab wounds to his back, resulting in his intestines being exposed, and his head, totalling 13 wounds. Near the stabbing incident scene, a short double-edged knife was found and collected as evidence.

A 61 year old man, Wichai Kaothong, who lived near the crime scene, said that while watching TV at the front of his house, he heard the victim crying out in pain. He and his wife went to see what was happening and found the victim lying in a pool of blood. He immediately informed the police. Before his death, the victim mentioned being stabbed but did not identify the attacker.

Later, the detectives studied the CCTV footage from inside the shop where the stabbing incident took place. They spotted the attacker stabbing Wichai multiple times until he died, amidst customers who were shopping for clothes. After witnessing the incident, the customers fled the shop. From the CCTV footage, the police identified the perpetrator as Natthaphon Khunphet, 21 years old. The detectives apprehended him while he was walking on the street, 1 kilometre away from the crime scene.

During the initial investigation, he spoke incoherently, indicating that the victim had stolen his methamphetamine pills. He initially had 10 pills, but two were missing, leaving him with eight. He consumed all eight pills, which led to a confrontation with the victim, and subsequently, the stabbing.

However, the police took him into custody to calm him down and for further questioning. They will proceed with legal actions against him according to the law reported KhaoSod.

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