Itching for a cure: Ministry provides care for boy with painful mole

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The Ministry of Public Health is providing care for a six year old Thai boy who has been suffering from a large, painful, and itchy mole on his back since birth.

The boy, named Namnue, experiences itching and pain, especially in hot weather. He would often hit his back to relieve the discomfort but this provided no relief.

Namnue suffers from congenital melanocytic nevus syndrome (CMNS), which causes birthmarks that are typically large, dark, and often hairy. The giant mole on Namnue’s back is one of these birthmarks.

Namnue’s 42 year old father, Jakkaphong Longkhamma, launched a donation campaign to cover his son’s treatment costs. However, this led to online controversy, as netizens were concerned that the money might not go directly to Namnue’s care, as he lives with his grandfather, not his father.

The non-profit organization, Be One, intervened and coordinated with the Ministry of Public Health to offer free treatment for Namnue.

The organisation’s founder, Chalida Palamart, revealed that Namnue received treatment at a hospital in Khon Kaen but his family could not afford the travel and treatment costs, so treatment was sporadic.

Chalida arranged a meeting between Namnue’s family and Public Health Ministry officials yesterday, June 17.

The Director of the Department of Medical Services, Amporn Benjaphonpithak, assured the family that medical professionals at the Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health would provide free care for Namnue.

Amporn explained that while Namnue’s condition is rare, it can be treated, although it may take a long time. Doctors will investigate Namnue’s symptoms before removing the mole through surgery or radiation.

The treatment will be conducted promptly, as the longer the mole remains, the greater the impact on Namnue. For instance, the size of the mole could affect his balance.

Amporn stressed that Namnue will have the opportunity to study at the hospital during his treatment, and the ministry will offer free accommodation for his family.

Namnue’s grandfather and father expressed their gratitude to the authorities. Jakkaphong pledged to personally care for his son and responsibly utilise the approximately 100,000 baht donated for the boy’s needs.

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