How Foreigners Can Attain Business Visa in Thailand

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Are you looking to attain a business visa in Thailand? You have come to the right place! Working in Thailand has become increasingly popular among foreigners who are looking for new adventures and opportunities to make money abroad. Business visas can sometimes be hard to attain in Thailand but you don’t need to worry as The Thaiger and our partners are here to guide you through all the steps and processes, helping you save time and money.

Who Can Apply?

Those who fall under these categories are eligible for business visas. Foreigners who are seeking to enter Thailand for business meetings/conferences with a formal company invitation. Those who are looking to relocate to Thailand and has a pre-arranged job before making the move.

In a nutshell, for your visa to be valid, it must be accompanied by a proper company invitation or a job offer.

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The Visa Packages We offer

We offer three different types of ‘business visas,’ as listed below:

  1. Non-Immigrant B Visa (Business Visa), Non-Immigrant B Visa (Extending Existing Visa) and Non-Immigrant B-A Visa (Business Approved Visa).
  2. The Non-Immigrant B Visa is for foreign nationals who want to do business in Thailand as well as apply for a work permit.
  3. The Non-Immigrant B-A Visa is for foreign nationals who want to start a business or invest in a Thai company.

Whether you are applying for a work permit or planning to relocate, our application’s approval will be only supported in Bangkok as this process is done in front of related authorities in Bangkok. In regards to travel for work, the application process can be done outside Thailand.

Application processes and requirements

Thailand has a number of requirements that must be completed in order for a new foreign employee to be granted a work visa from both your firm and your employees. You will be well-informed and aware of the steps and procedures to ensure the smoothest transaction possible with our help. The process then moves on to selecting the suitable visa type, filling out contact information, sending the application form, and waiting for a response. If you aren’t sure or still have uncertainties, feel free to enquire with us and we’ll discuss your options. Click HERE to make an enquiry

To obtain the business visa, The company you are going to work with or set up must meet the following requirements. Registered capital, the company must have 2 million Thai Baht paid-up cash and must be registered in Thailand. The Number of Thai staff, in short, if the company requests 2 business visas, it must have 8 Thai employees. Value added tax The company must file with the Revenue Department for VAT and pay VAT regularly.

Documents Required

3 personal documents are required for your business visa to be accepted. You will need an original and signed copy of your passport, 3 colour copies of your passport, and evidence of your flight tickets. After landing in Thailand, the applicant will be issued a Single-Entry Non-B visa and the Thai work permit will be sought immediately.

Response within 48 hours.

Be contacted within 48 hours by an expert English speaker, The Thaiger’s visa partners have English speaking experts and general support to guide you from the moment you starts the application process until receiving the visa. Post Consultation servies will also be offered if requested.

For information about obtaining the business visa in Thailand, CLICK HERE.

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