Koh Phangan’s secrets: inside ‘The Notorious KPG’ documentary

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The Notorious KPG: discover how Koh Phangan has become Thailand’s fastest growing tourist destination. This island is filled with more seductive spirituality, scandals, underground house parties and hedonism than any other island known to man. Apart from hosting one of the largest monthly dance festivals on the planet (The infamous Full Moon Party), this diabolically driven debauchery is also a destination designed for you to either find out who you really are or literally lose yourself in the process.

Koh Phangan

We sat down with Jason Marek, former co-founder/owner of Thailands COMA Hotel & Hostels and Producer for Koh Phangan’s upcoming full-length/high end expository documentary covering Koh Phangan’s most notorious subjects including the island’s deep connection into the world of spirituality, their massive commercial and underground party scene, the deep admiration regarding their tattoo culture and cutting edge fashion trends.

Jason’s reason for producing this documentary is to shed light on why Koh Phangan is such an expat magnet and the fastest growing island in Thailand. This film will illustrate how KPG is truly a parallel universe, an alternate reality. A place to evolve and transcend one’s self, let go and experience life to the fullest. He wants to clarify why the island is the most spiritual, sexually charged, hedonistic party island to ever be revealed through this documentary.

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Last September Jason produced an event on the island called The P.C.T.P (Phangan Community Tattoo Photoshoot). This event was meant to assemble all nationalities, ages and genders so that they could come together to simply celebrate and show everyone’s love and passion for tattoos. His team of photographers, videographers, event managers, tattoo artists, models, and support personnel all assured the event’s success.

In Jason’s words;

” The P.C.T.P Event, although a nice accomplishment, was just the tip of the iceberg. The P.C.T.P Event was kind of like an appetizer. The Notorious KPG Documentary is a much larger project, the main course. It will be comprised of many more intricate moving parts: director, producer, executive producer, outside investors, lawyers, cinematographer, PR Department, sound technician, script supervisor, story editor, grip department, art department, make up artist, wardrobe consultant, photographer/videographer, and casting crew.

I have always known that the key to success is to surround yourself with people who know more than you. Thankfully I have been blessed with top-tier talent in these departments that will ensure the victory of this project. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, our plan is to create an expository documentary that can be Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or even Sundance / Cannes Film Festival worthy. That is the level of quality content that we are aiming to bring to our audience.

I would like to show my gratitude and personally thank such a respected news platform as The Thaiger for taking interest in wanting to publish this article”.

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