Ganja galore: Over 1,000 cannabis clinics have opened this year in Thailand

It is ganja galore as Thailand has seen over 1,000 cannabis clinics open this year alone. According to Bangkok Post, the public health ministry noted that out of 1,026 clinics opened this year, 929 are run directly by the ministry. But, to prevent unwanted consequences of the plant’s legalisation, the ministry says such clinics are also doubling as research units.

Such research has seen over 60 studies of the benefits of using cannabis to treat patients suffering from various health conditions, including sleep disorders, chronic pain, and decreased appetite in end-stage cancer patients.

At least five cannabis-based treatments on the country’s essential drug list are using these studies as resources in their proposals. And, since the start of this year, the ministry says the number of patients seeking cannabis-based treatments has increased by 142 per cent. Moreover, the number of patients seeking such care exceeds 10,000 nationwide.

The cabinet also recently approved the Public Health Ministry’s proposal to appoint one more deputy permanent secretary to monitor the implementation of the ministry’s core policies. Of those policies, the legalisation of cannabis is included. The House panel chair also says that the stalled deliberation of the bill on cannabis and hemp control will resume in November. The bill aimed at protecting the public from abusing cannabis, or ganja, as the locals call it.

The government removed the plant from the banned narcotics list on June 6. Now, finding high-quality, imported buds of every strain of marijuana under the sun is becoming the norm. But, those strains can often come with a hefty price tag.

For those looking to buy quality cannabis, many reputable dispensaries in Bangkok can meet your needs. From low-quality brick cannabis to high-quality, imported strains, these shops are being frequented by more and more looking to use the plant for medicinal purposes.

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