Best cannabis strains to grow outdoors

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Embracing the art of outdoor cannabis cultivation in Thailand offers you a unique opportunity to leverage the country’s lush environment. With the right approach, your cannabis plants will thrive under the tropical sun, producing bountiful harvests that reflect the distinct characteristics of their strain.

When you decide to cultivate cannabis outdoors in Thailand, selecting the right spot becomes paramount. Look for a location that benefits from abundant sunlight and has good air circulation. This ensures your plants receive the energy they need from the sun, while the breeze helps prevent mould and pests, common concerns in humid climates.
Soil quality can’t get overlooked in this process. For your outdoor garden, rich, loamy soil holds the key to robust plant health. If natural soil doesn’t meet these criteria, consider improving it with compost or opting for a high-quality potting mix. This ensures your cannabis plants have access to essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle.

Top cannabis strains for outdoor cultivation in Thailand

Let’s dive into some of the top picks known for their resilience and superior quality, well-suited to the Thai climate.

Best cannabis strains to grow outdoors | News by Thaiger
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Thai Sativa

When you’re delving into the world of outdoor cannabis cultivation in Thailand, Thai Sativa stands out as a must-know strain. This section will guide you through its origins, unique characteristics, and why it particularly flourishes in Thailand’s climate.

Origin and characteristics

Thai Sativa, a pure sativa landrace, traces its roots back to Thailand. It’s renowned for its potent effects and unmistakable aroma, setting it apart in the cannabis world. This strain grows tall and lanky, with narrow leaves and a longer flowering time typical of sativa varieties. Its buds emit a complex aroma, often described as a mix of citrus and earthy tones, which translates into a smooth, invigorating smoke.

Why it thrives in Thailand’s climate

This strain has evolved to thrive in Thailand’s unique environment. The country’s tropical climate, with its high humidity and warm temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C, is ideal for Thai Sativa. Unlike other strains that might struggle with the intense weather or pest issues common in tropical climates, Thai Sativa has adapted beautifully.

The region’s natural long daylight hours support the strain’s longer flowering period, enabling it to develop fully and express its genetic potential. Additionally, Thai Sativa’s resilience to local pests and diseases reduces the need for constant intervention, making it a perfect choice for outdoor cultivation in Thailand. With these traits, Thai Sativa not only survives but thrives, producing high yields of quality cannabis that’s deeply embedded in the local heritage and culture.

Durban Poison

Adaptability to humid climates

When you’re considering which cannabis strains to grow outdoors in Thailand, Durban Poison deserves your attention. Its remarkable adaptability to humid climates makes it a standout choice. Originating from South Africa, Durban Poison thrives in conditions that mirror Thailand’s tropical climate. Its resilience against mold and pests is noteworthy, given the high humidity levels you’ll find here. This attribute ensures that you won’t be constantly battling the elements, a significant advantage for any grower.

Growth and yield expectations

Expect Durban Poison to exceed your growth and yield expectations with impressive vigour. Known for its rapid development, this sativa doesn’t just grow; it flourishes, reaching for the skies with abundant growth. You’re looking at a strain that not only adapts well but also rewards you with substantial yields, perfect for the outdoor grower seeking to maximise their harvest in Thailand’s vibrant landscape.

Amnesia Haze

Suitability for tropical weather

If you’re planning to cultivate cannabis outdoors in Thailand, Amnesia Haze should top your list. This Sativa-dominant strain thrives in sunny and humid climates, making it an exceptional choice for the tropical weather you’ll find in Thailand. You’ll discover that Amnesia Haze adapts well to the external conditions, thanks to its high THC content, which can soar up to 24%. Its robust nature means it’s capable of fending off common diseases, offering a smoother cultivation experience.

Tips for maximizing yield

To ensure your Amnesia Haze plants flourish, there are a few strategies you can employ:

  • Plant in well-draining soil: Good drainage is crucial to prevent root rot and other moisture-related issues. Adding organic matter can improve soil texture and fertility.
  • Regular feeding: This strain responds well to nutrients. Providing a balanced mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium during the vegetative stage, and reducing nitrogen while boosting phosphorus and potassium for flowering, can significantly enhance your yield.
  • Pruning: By removing lower growth that doesn’t receive much light, you’ll improve air circulation and focus the plant’s energy on developing the top buds.
  • Watering schedule: Adapt your watering schedule to the rain patterns. Too much water can harm your plants, so allow the soil to dry out somewhat between waterings.
  • Harvest timing: Amnesia Haze flowers for about 10 to 12 weeks. Waiting for the right time to harvest ensures your buds have developed fully, offering you up to 700g per plant outdoors.


Venturing into outdoor cannabis cultivation in Thailand offers exciting opportunities, especially with strains like Amnesia Haze setting the bar high. However, it’s your approach to growing that ultimately determines success. Embracing the tips shared – from soil selection to the right harvesting time – can significantly boost your yield, making every effort worth it. Remember, the tropical climate of Thailand is a boon for cannabis growers, and with the right techniques, you’re set to reap bountiful harvests. So, gear up to turn your outdoor cannabis garden into a thriving haven, leveraging the insights to grow robust, high-yielding plants. Your journey towards mastering outdoor cultivation in Thailand begins now, promising rewarding experiences and plentiful harvests.

Some other Thai outdoor strains

Best cannabis strains to grow outdoors | News by Thaiger
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Mango Tango emerges as a stellar hybrid, merging the best qualities to produce a sweet, fruity aroma that mimics ripe mangoes. This strain ensures a balanced high, making you feel relaxed and uplifted. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re looking to add a zest of enjoyment to your culinary adventures in Bangkok or seeking tranquility by the Chao Phraya River. Mango Tango thrives outdoors, drawing in the abundant sunlight and warm air, delivering a bountiful harvest.

Another exceptional choice for Thailand’s outdoors is Bangkok Blue Dream, a hybrid that’s the offspring of Blueberry and Haze strains. This combination gives rise to a euphoric and creative buzz, ideal for immersing yourself in Bangkok’s vibrant art and culture. Its sweet, berry-like scent, paired with a smooth, fruity taste, stands out in the outdoor garden, benefitting from the natural elements.

For growers inclined towards an indica-dominant hybrid, Royal Thai Kush pays homage to Thailand’s royal heritage with a majestic aroma that blends floral notes and earthy undertones. This strain’s robust genetics make it well-adapted to the outdoor conditions of Thailand, allowing it to flourish and produce potent buds.

When considering outdoor cultivation in Thailand, remember that your success significantly hinges on the strain selection. Opting for strains like Mango Tango, Bangkok Blue Dream, and Royal Thai Kush not only aligns with the environmental conditions but also promises a rewarding cultivation experience. Always ensure you’re well-informed about local regulations to navigate your cultivation journey seamlessly.

Considering how you grow outdoor cannabis, You can also check out the difference in between growing cannabis indoors vs outdoors, This choice can significantly impact your yield, quality, and overall success. Thailand’s unique climate plays a pivotal role in this decision-making process, offering both opportunities and challenges for cannabis growers.

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