Top 5 things to study while on vacation in Thailand

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Thai culture is one of the most interesting things in which to learn. Not only can you see the culture happening all around you, but many cultural aspects can also be studied. For one thing, if you enjoy Thai cuisine, there are cooking classes that can help you master your dishes. Or, if you are interested in learning the traditional fighting style of Thais, you can join a Muay Thai class.

Regardless of your plans when visiting Thailand, its welcoming culture is sure to make it easy to learn about it. Moreover, if you plan to stay in this beautiful nation, you may wish to take up learning the Thai language. Along with learning the language, your social circle may widen as it will be easier to communicate with natives. Finally, taking up a class may deepen your insights into what it means to be Thai.

5 top things to study while on vacation in Thailand

The best of Thailand’s things to study while on vacation, are listed below.

1. Pink Chili Thai Cooking Class

Pink Chili Thai cooking class in Bangkok, indeed, has you covered for all of your Thai cooking aspirations. Here, you will learn how to cook 4 different Thai dishes (vegetarian options included) that will undoubtedly spice up your palate. Additionally, the cooking class will take you to a local market and show you how to pick out the ingredients for your dishes. The class also offers online learning through Zoom as well as morning and afternoon sessions totalling 4 hours.

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Pink Chili is set in a traditional Thai house, with a fully air-conditioned room for classes. Thus, if you are looking to fully indulge in Thai culture, this is the school for you. So, if you are in Thailand and looking for a way to kill time, Pink Chili is the place to go for spicing up your meals.

Address: 250/10 Sukhumvit Soi 77 Onnut Soi 2/1 Bangkok.

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PHOTO: Pink Chili

2. Punch It Muay Thai

Southern Thailand is the place to be when looking to step up your fighting game. Clearly, learning Muay Thai will have everyone around you fearing your wrath. Punch It Muay Thai, nonetheless, is on standby to help you get stronger, more skilled, and educated on the traditional Thai martial arts. The masters who lead the class have a bright track record, themselves, of gaining respect in the ring. And, they are ready to pass on their knowledge to you.

Set in Koh Samui, an island in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani, Punch It Muay Thai will undoubtedly keep you busy and exhausted from rigorous training. From expertly crafted kicks and jabs to 1 on 1 training, it will speed up your learning curve, giving you more bang for your buck. Moreover, your downtime could include taking in the beautiful scenery of the island and relaxing on the world-renowned beaches.

Address: Koh Samui, 124/666 Moo 3, Maret, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84310.

Muay Thai Gym Thailand - Koh Samui - Punch it Trainings-Camp
PHOTO: Punch It Muay Thai

3. TMC Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai

Wish you could work some magic with your hands. Alas, most who undergo a Thai massage praise it to no end, as they say, the yoga-like experience relieves pains and tension. The best school in which to study Thai traditional massage seems to be the TMC Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai. Boasting international accreditations and high-end training, the school is set against the backdrop of Northern Thailand’s mountainous region.

With expert masseuses training you to deliver the famous Thai massage, you can be sure to delight your friends and loved ones with your recently learned healing art. Moreover, learning relaxing art can help you make a living back home upon completion of the programme. And, who wouldn’t want to take up classes at TMC in Chiang Mai, where practicing Zen-like arts can earn you a whole new level of respect from your peers

Address: Chiang Mai, 203/6, Mae Jo Road (Across Ruam Choke Market), Moo 6, Faham, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50000.

TMC School Chiang Mai | Eat, Massage, Pray
PHOTO: TMC Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai

4. Everyday Thai Language School

Most who make a pit stop in Thailand, think about staying long-term, at least once in their journey. Enter the idea of learning Thai, where, clearly, your life can be made easier if you decide to make Thailand your home base. If you are in Bangkok, Everyday Thai Language School is here to teach you the ins and outs of the Thai language. The school offers many types of classes that fit to your needs and are flexible with your schedule.

Make no mistake, however, when choosing the right language school. As Everyday Thai has a proven track record of successfully guiding its students through the difficulties of the Thai language, your best bet is to contact them to get started. Once joining, you can be sure to meet others who are on the same language journey, who, along with teachers, will make it more fun and relaxing.

Address: Bangkok, Prima Sathorn Building, 2nd Floor, 31, 1 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd., Sathon, Bangkok 10120.

Everyday Thai Language School (Bangkok, ประเทศไทย) - Reviews - Language International
Everyday Thai Language School

5. Wonderland Healing Centre

Thailand is the perfect setting for learning and practicing yoga. Wonderland Healing Centre, therefore, offers all the Eastern-based mind and body healing arts you can find. Each course is based on 28 days of practice, where highly experienced instructors offer an unparalleled experience. The teachers are from Nirodha Yoga School, a well-known centre that has recently joined forces with Wonderland. The training schedule is intense, but even beginner yogis can enrol to become teachers or to just increase their skills.

Those who want to get certified can do so with Wonderland, among the beautiful jungles of Southern Thailand’s Koh Pha Ngan island. At the end of the training module, students will complete a practical exam with a certificate of graduation mailed to the candidate by the school. As the island of Koh Pha Ngan is also world-renowned for its alternative style of living and practices, students can also immerse themselves into a Bohemian-like culture from the get-go.

Address: Koh Pha Ngan, 77/7 Moo.3, Koh Pha Ngan, Suratthani, 84280.

Wonderland Healing Center, Koh Phangan, Thailand, Yoga, Wellness
Wonderland Healing Centre

Visiting the exciting country of Thailand comes with an explosion of culture. Whether it includes a new type of cuisine, language, or martial arts, choosing to indulge in a new learning experience is sure to enlighten your journey. With every area in Thailand specialising in different cultural practices, working your way around Thailand and learning about its traditional aspects is sure to make for an exciting adventure.

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