Top 5 kids clubs and classes in Bangkok 2024

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Seeing your tiny humans grapple with a new skill or unravelling a new-found interest is an unparalleled joy, isn’t it? Now, if you happen to live in Bangkok, consider yourself blessed. This city is aplenty with remarkable kid’s clubs and educational classes designed to not just foster growth but also wellness, and of course, the all-crucial element of joy.

So, to make your search a tad bit easier, we’ve curated a list of the very best of children’s clubs and classes in the ever buzzing city of Bangkok. Buckle up and prepare to dive into the city’s finest opportunities for your little ones. Here’s to making parenting a little less daunting, and a little more delightful.

5 Best kids clubs and classes in Bangkok

1. Little Pea Kids Commons

Top 5 kids clubs and classes in Bangkok 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Little Pea Kids Commons

Address: theCOMMONS (2nd Floor), 335 Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor 17, Klongtun Nue, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Little Pea is a joy-packed haven where families can band together through captivating activities, sensory play, and exciting community events. Nestled within the vibrant community space of Thonglor’s theCOMMONS, Little Pea offers a smorgasbord of activities for everyone.

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From delving into a fantastical world of water in their Messy & Water Playgroups to pumping up the adrenaline in dance classes and enhancing scientific comprehension at school break camps, this place is brimming with enticing activities. Expectant parents aren’t left out either, as workshops ranging from first aid to childbirth education are also available. And yes, they’ve got the master recipe for throwing a fabulous children’s birthday party!

2. The Little Gym

Top 5 kids clubs and classes in Bangkok 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: The Little Gym from official Facebook page

Address: 622 Emporium Tower Floor, Sukhumvit 8, Bangkok 10110

The Little Gym takes pride in its child-centered curriculum that emphasizes a non-competitive, fun atmosphere where kids can explore and establish a love for physical activity. Their programs are meticulously designed to suit the developmental milestones of each age group, starting from infants all the way up to 12-year-olds. This inclusive approach ensures that every child, regardless of their skill level, can participate and benefit from the program. Instructors at The Little Gym are professional and passionate about child development, applying a nurturing and encouraging teaching style that makes every child feel valued and supported.

This positive reinforcement boosts children’s self-esteem and motivates them to challenge themselves within a safe and supportive environment. Moreover, the holistic philosophy of The Little Gym extends beyond just physical development. It aims to nurture well-rounded individuals by incorporating lessons on perseverance, sharing, and respect into their classes, making The Little Gym a standout choice for parents looking to enrich their child’s early years with valuable life skills alongside physical fitness.

3. Paron School of Art

Paron School of Art - One of the best kids clubs and classes in Bangkok
Paron School of Art

Address: Above Bakers Gonna Bake Cafe, 61 Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110.

If you are looking for a kids club that focuses on art, Paron School of Art should be your top choice. It offers drawing, painting, and a variety of different visual arts workshops for children and teenagers. Here, kids can feel safe to explore their creativity and express themselves through art. The weekend programs and holiday camps they offer focus on age-appropriate access to the world of art. They guide children to create and think like artists.

Paron School of Art has a 1-to-5 student ratio, so every kid will receive all the same care, attention, and instruction they need.

4. Curtain Up Drama and Magic

Curtain Up Drama and Magic
PHOTO: Curtain Up Drama and Magic

Address: 42 tower Sukhumvit 42, Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand.

Curtain Up Drama and Magic is the longest-running English-speaking drama school in Bangkok. All aspects of theatrical performance, such as acting, dancing, singing, and even magic, are taught here. So whether your children are reserved and shy or confident, they are sure to develop their skills and have fun.

Their programs include one-day workshops, weekly classes, holiday camps, and birthday parties. Aside from these programs, they also work with schools across Bangkok. One of their most prominent programs is the “Show In a Week” holiday program. With this program, children attend a camp for 4 to 5 days, and they will be cast and given roles with songs and lines to learn. In addition, they will also learn about prop making, set design, custom, and music. On the program’s final day, every child will put on a final performance and have their own chance to shine!

5. Bricks 4 Kidz

Top 5 kids clubs and classes in Bangkok 2024 | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Joe the Kop, Google maps

Address: 211-212 Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan, Bangkok 10110

Bricks 4 Kidz stands as a beacon of innovative education, where the timeless allure of LEGO bricks is harnessed to build a foundation in the critical areas of STEAM. Each session is carefully crafted to introduce complex concepts through engaging storytelling and thematic projects, making learning appealing and accessible to a younger audience. Children are encouraged to think big, starting with small bricks—transforming their imaginative ideas into tangible creations. This hands-on approach not only solidifies their understanding of scientific principles and engineering challenges but also encourages them to apply mathematical reasoning in a practical context.

Moreover, the artistic aspect of their curriculum allows children to express themselves freely, exploring colors, patterns, and design principles, thus blending the analytical with the creative. The collaborative nature of the classes fosters a community-like environment where children learn the importance of communication, cooperation, and mutual respect. Through team projects, they experience firsthand how diverse ideas can merge to create something incredible, teaching them the value of differing perspectives and the strength found in teamwork. Bricks 4 Kidz meticulously crafts an environment where the joy of learning is ignited through play, preparing children not just academically, but socially for the future.

If you are looking for family-friendly activities, make sure to read our article on the top 10 family-friendly things to do in Thailand. Additionally, if you would like to bring your kids to the children’s club but do not already reside in Bangkok, please visit our partner’s website, “Agoda,” to view the appropriate hotels.

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