Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition

Over 11,000 7/11 stores serve over 11.8 million customers every day in Thailand. In the Bangkok Metropolitan Region alone, there are about 5,000 stores. In comparison, the United States has just over 9,000 7/11. When in Thailand you will never go hungry, as 7/11s offers all types of snacks, food, drinks, and desserts. Let’s take a look at a local guide on the top 20 items you can buy from 7/11 in Thailand. You can also download the 7-11 delivery application to get deliveries.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7/11 Thailand Edition

1. Cream-filled Soft Cake

This is one of the fluffiest and softest cakes available in 7-11. You’d be missing out if you didn’t sample this wonderfully satisfying soft cake, which has received rave reviews from locals. Costing merely 20 baht You’ll be surprised at how well this tasty treat pairs with tea or coffee.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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2. Japanese-style strawberry-flavoured pancake

Are you stumped as to what to make for breakfast? This delicious strawberry cream bundle is available on 7/11 for 20 only baht. You don’t have to bother with preparing pancakes or searching for the perfect maple syrup. It’s as simple as buying it, ripping it open, and devouring it.

ขนมเซเว่น เลอแปง
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3. Crispy roasted seaweed mixed with Taro Chips

Thailand’s most popular snack is Tao Kae Noi. Tao Kae Noi, which is essentially a brand of crispy fried seaweed, has seen sales skyrocket since the debut of the film “Top Secret” last year. Top Secret presented the tale of Aitthipat, the founder of Tao Kae Noi, and how he built the company into the success it is today.

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Much on this crunchy roasted seaweed that is mixed with taro. These savoury treats promise to delight your palate. It is low in calories and high in Vitamins and minerals, and the compact size is just right to fit inside a lunch box. Also comes in vegetarian flavour7-11 and has the solutions to all of your problems. You could be suffering from constipation, tiredness, or simply require a pick-me-up beverage. A variety of juices, detox coffees, and collagen drinks are available, each with its own set of health advantages. Veta Berry has been praised for its high vitamin content and pleasant flavour.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger

5. Authentic Thai custard desserts

Did you just say that we could get Thai desserts at 7/11? Yup! When you are there, you can bring home some Thai sweets, such as Longan Sticky Rice Pudding, Sago with Black Beans, Sweet sticky rice with kaya, and even Mung Bean Soup. The Thai custard with sticky rice has been ranked number 5 for its sweetness and authenticity, it’s a must-try when going to your local 7-11.

ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา 7-11 | Thai-O-Cha
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6. Mama’s instant noodle

Instant noodles have been popular among Thais as a hunger-satisfying option. Many of us like the wonderful flavours of many types of soups, while some of them are also delicious without them. Your trip to Thailand will not be complete without trying some mama noodles. It comes in various flavours but the most popular ones are Tom Yum and minced pork. There are also vegetarian flavours such as mushrooms.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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7. Ready-made meals

Yes, you can buy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 7/11 in Thailand. They come in microwaveable containers and are made for instant consumption. If you are short on cash, don’t worry as you can buy the chicken basil rice at only 40 Baht that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

12 Yummy Snacks We Can't Resist Buying From Thailand's 7-Eleven And FamilyMart
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8. Tuna Spread with crackers

Time to crack it up with this delicious tuna spread that comes with crackers for only 30 baht! Sealect Tuna spread is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid to maintain blood vessel balance and lower cholesterol levels in the arteries. This snack is popular as it’s healthy, and yet very satisfying!

ซีเล็ค ทูน่า สเปรดมัลติเกรน 50กรัม (มีแครกเกอร์ในกล่อง) |
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9. Salted Egg custard cream croissant

This delicious salted egg custard cream croissant is only 280 calories. With a sweet and sour taste from the custard within the croissant, locals enjoy this snack for just 29 baht. You can have it cold or heat it up as it’s tasty both ways. It’s a quick snack to munch on if you are in a rush to go somewhere.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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10. Salted Papaya Dried Fruit

Salted mangosteen and dried papayas are must-try options in 7/11, as their unique sour taste is one of a kind. The snack nutritional content of dried fruits is similar to that of fresh fruits. You can get a variety of dried fruits to snack on at Thailand’s 7/11.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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11. Sausage Cheese Croissant Sandwich

The sausage cheese croissant sandwich is one of the most popular grilled cheese sandwiches. There is, however, a vast assortment of sandwiches to choose from, and all you have to do is hand it over to the 7/11 workers, who will cook it for you in minutes.

ครบรอบ 13 ปี แซนวิชเซเว่น รับฟรี กระเป๋าผ้า 1 ใบ วันนี้ถึง 16 ก.ค. 60 นี้เท่านั้น - ทุกเรื่องโปรโมชั่น ที่อัพเดทที่สุด
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12. Tasto Grab Curry

When you are in 7/11, make sure you grab Tasto Grab Curry chips or Tasto pla sam rod (3 flavoured fish). These are popular Thai flavours and are loved by locals and foreigners. You get a mix of sweet, spicy savoury and salty at the same time. If you are not into spicy, you can always opt for the yellow butter and cheese-flavoured chips.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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13. SPY Cocktail

Apart from the well-known Singh and Chang beers, the Spy Cocktail and other cool and pleasant alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. The drink is available in seven different flavours, each with its own distinct flavour. It’s possible that you’ll have to sample all of the flavours to figure out which one you prefer.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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14. Rice Toppings and Stocks for cooking

You don’t have to go through the hassle of cooking Thai food from scratch as you can find ready-made toppings such as Tom Yum, red curry, green curry at Thailand’s 7/11. All you have to do is buy the packets and heat them up on your cooking pan. Some of the toppings come in powder form and you will have to add some water to it. You can add your favourite meat or vegetables and cook them with the toppings and there you have your delicious chicken green curry.

โลโบ ❌ชูรส ผงสะเต๊ะ พะโล้ พริกไทยดำ แกงป่า แกงส้ม พะแนง แกงเผ็ด ผงกะหรี่ มัสมั่น ต้มข่า อบหม้อดิน น้ำพริก เครื่องต้มยำ | Shopee Thailand
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15. Freshly brewed coffee

You can get freshly brewed coffee and frappes at 7/11 in Thailand starting at only 30 Baht! You can choose between Americano, cappuccino, latte or mocha. Apart from that, you can also try the famous Thai ice tea and matcha green tea. It’s not just fresh but also got a very authentic taste to it. Before you enter, you will see a poster outside 7/11 that says, ‘all cafe’ and therefore you will know that this 7/11 served freshly brewed coffee.

กาแฟสดเจ้าสัวบุกถึงบ้าน เซเว่นวิ่งขาย All Cafe 30 แก้วต่อวัน
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16. Skincare Products: Facial Masks and Gels

Because many Thais are obsessed with having clear, flawless skin, 7/11 in Thailand sells a variety of face masks, gels, and creams. Many of the products sold in Thailand’s 7/11 can be used to treat skin problems. Cathydoll blackhead masks, oxe cure acne spray, and isme eye cream Soaps made with Thai herbs are also available.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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17. Medicines

If you fall off a motorbike, get a cold, fever, stomach problems, or allergies, you can get medication for all of these conditions at any 7/11 in Thailand. Vitamins, dietary supplements, protein, and collagen are also available. Those who prefer inhalers for stuffy noses might choose one of the Ramakien Herbal Inhalers instead. It’s a lovely method to unblock your noses, and it’s different from the normal lip balm-sized inhalers.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger

18. Mae-Ruay Peanuts

Mae-Ruay Snack Food first opened its doors in 1964. Peanut snacks are produced by a leading company with many flavours to choose from. Vegetarians will also appreciate the high quality snack. Thais of all ages have become enamoured with Koh-Kae nut snacks as they are perfect for a snake while drinking.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger

19. Yakult

Yakult is a delightful probiotic fermented milk drink made with Yakult’s proprietary Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain (LcS). Yakult helps to promote digestion and immunity when consumed on a daily basis. Yakult is available in 2 types Yakult (look for red lids) and Yakult Light (look for blue lids).

Yakult Thailand - YouTube
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20. Coffee, tea and malt drinks Sachets

ChaTra Mue is a popular traditional Thai tea, and since mango is linked with Thailand, you can expect the instant Mango Drink to be equally delicious. Apart from that, you can buy the usually Lipton tea and Gold Nescafe.

Top 20 things to purchase in 7-11 Thailand Edition | News by Thaiger
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In Thailand, 7/11 can be found on almost every street corner. Thailand has the world’s third-largest number of 7/11 stores. Almost anything is available, including toiletries, drugs, microwaveable meals, and freshly brewed coffee!

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