Krabi for couples – 10 things to do

White sands, turquoise waters, stunning mangroves, and to-die-for dining .

There is a lot of fun in Krabi for couples – everything from tranquil beaches to adventures in nature, indulgent massages and amazing fine dining with rooftop views.

Dazzling white sands, uninterrupted turquoise waters, stunning mangroves, and to-die-for dining will leave lovers gasping for more.

Whatever your idea of romance, Krabi has something for everyone.

Krabi for couples – Romance in Krabi

Couples’ Spas

Get loved-up between adventures

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A couples’ spa session is an absolute must on every romantic getaway, whether you’re looking to connect on an intimate level or recharge your adventure cells and relax. Just about every resort in Krabi have spas, and you don’t have to be a member. Relax in a sauna or hot tub, or get a couples’ massage to work out the kinks. You deserve it.

Many spas also have healthy, fine-dining restaurants nearby. The options are endless.

Dragon Crest Mountain

Climb to astonishing views

Dragon Crest hike in Khao Ngon Nak Krabi - A Complete Guide

Dragon Crest Mountain – Khao Ngon Nak – is a mountain rising 565 metres above sea level and offering amazing panoramic views of the forest. The hike to the top is about 4 kilometres and is moderately challenging. The first viewpoint takes about 1.5 hours of climbing and overlooks the Andaman Sea. The full climb to the second viewpoint takes another hour through steep terrain. If you are thinking about running up, an hour to the very top is your target.

The trailhead can be found only about 20 minutes from the Aon Nang.

Emerald Pool

Natural mineral pool in unspoiled forest

Tickets & Tours - Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot), Krabi - Viator

The Emerald Pool in the heart of lush Thung Teao forest park, with its startling turquoise waters is a natural mineral pool and refreshing swimming hole.

This pool is reached by a 20-minute walk along a wooden boardwalk, where you’ll find the shimmering waters awaiting. The pool’s surreal beauty provides a welcome dip after the hike.

The pool is about 45 minutes southeast of the city centre. You can also visit the wilder, scenic Blue Pool that’s surrounded by quicksand (no swimming allowed), just up the trail.

Hilltop Ao Nang

Enjoy seafood with a great view of the beach

Menu - The Hilltop Ao NangThe Hilltop Ao Nang

The Hilltop Ao Nang is a bar and restaurant that offers idyllic dining and breath-taking views of Ao Nang beach far below, as well as staggering sunsets. This nightlife spot, popular in Krabi for couples, offers authentic Thai cuisine with incredible seafood surrounded by stylish design and surroundings. Here, you can enjoy Andaman lobsters, king prawns, giant oysters, crabs and many other types of locally sourced, fresh seafood. Some of the most popular dishes include southern curry with crabmeat and local herbs or prawn salad in a taro pastry basket.

In addition, the restaurant serves up a range of delicious wines, craft beers and unique cocktails whipped up by master mixologists. It’s just 22 minutes west of the city centre of Krabi.


Explore 150 islands

10 Best Things to Do for Couples in Krabi - What to Do on a Romantic Trip to Krabi? – Go Guides

Island-hopping is a chance to see beaches, nature, resorts and all sorts of amazing sites while having every kind of adventure you can imagine.

Krabi province has more than 150 islands. You could spend the rest of your life here, exploring together, and still not see all there is to see. From the iconic islands of Koh Proda, Koh, Tub, Koh Mor and Koh Gai to hidden islets. Freediving, swimming, snorkeling are as good is it gets. Or kick back and sunbath among natural wonders.

Krabi Hot Spring

Soak yourself in volcanic waters

Krabi Rainforest: Hot Springs, Yoga, Thai Massage, and Lunch 2023

Krabi Hot Spring, also called the Klong Tom Hot Springs, is famous for mineral hot springs reputed to have healing properties. They are a very satisfying place to relax in 35-42° Celsius waters – a hot bath. The springs are heated by underground volcanic chambers. The main springs get very crowded, the bigger springs slightly further away, have fewer bathers.

Krabi Walking Street

Food, souvenirs and live music

Krabi Town Walking Street Krabi Market Attractions, Shopping Krabi | Thailand

Krabi Walking Street is the liveliest night market in Krabi for couples with a wide range of yummy food, live entertainment and local culture. While you explore the dozens of stalls on this street, live music comes from local acts performing on the stage.

You’ll find handbags, handmade clothing, jewellery, wall art and other souvenirs. You can also grab a bite to eat from to the many food stalls with plenty of seating to take a load off.

Railay Beach

Swimming and snorkelling, climbs and caves

Krabi: Half-Day Rock Climbing at Railay Beach | GetYourGuide

Railay Beach is a secret hideaway known to millions, hidden around a rocky headway and accessible only by boat. It offers white sand and clear waters, limestone cliffs and magnificent views. You can explore the caves, swim in a hidden lagoon, and go rock climbing or snorkeling. Everything is within easy walking distance once you reach the beach and there are no cars or motorcycles here.

Than Bok Khorani National Park

Easy walking in pristine jungle

Than Bok Khorani National Park Krabi Park Attractions Krabi | Thailand

Than Bok Khorani National Park offers 120 kilometres of jungle. Stroll hand-in-hand through the limestone mountains along one of the park’s two nature trails. The first is a 1-kilometre path inside the park. The second reaches nearly 4 kilometres and leads through deep mangrove forests, essential to the ecology of the region, and a natural defence against tsunamis and storms.

The park also includes numerous islands with undersea flora and fauna to explore.


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