Fun activities to do after work in Thailand

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After a long day at work, sometimes you just want to crawl into bed and prepare yourself for the next day. But in Thailand, there are a variety of activities that you can do and it may be the perfect way for you to destress while still being able to explore Thailand. Thailand offers many activities that you can pick from. In fact, there may be too many options that it can be too difficult to decide what to do. Here are a few options that you should most definitely try!

Recreational activities after work

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Exploration of street food

After work, treat yourself to the delicious flavours of Thai cuisine. Thailand is filled with various night markets that offer a range of sweet, spicy, salty, sour, and creamy treats. Not only do you have access to a huge selection of food, but you will also be able to save up on some baht! Street food in Thailand is much cheaper than in restaurants and this may be the perfect way to try out several dishes for half the price.

Enjoy a food tour on Khao San Road, known for its variety of tasty local dishes. It is also recommended that you try popular street foods like Pad Thai or Mango Sticky Rice. This is a recommended fun way to discover Thailand’s culinary treasures while exploring Thailand. However, other than these well-known dishes, there are a variety of other Thai foods that you must try, whether it is the other delicious mango dishes or the endless Thai curries.

Physical fitness (running and cycling excursions)

Although Thailand offers an abundance of delicious treats that you cannot miss out on, it also leads to another issue. You may get your hands full with work and tasty treats that it seems like you don’t have time to exercise and take care of your health. This leads to why it might be time for you to incorporate exercise into your nighttime routine.

Thailand incorporates a mix of modern cityscapes and quiet countryside neighbourhoods allowing for a great destination for jogging and biking. Physical exercises are not necessarily limited to indoor gymnasiums and track fields. Take a jog outside or bike around the neighbourhood while discovering some of the city’s concealed routes, waterside trails, and the many parks around you.

Participating in Muay Thai classes

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport, is a perfect blend of self-defence, sport, and fitness. This traditional discipline, rich in culture and heritage, attracts not only locals but also international visitors and expatriates. Muay Thai is well known for enhancing strength, agility, and overall fitness and is recommended for anyone who would like to get a glimpse of Thailand’s culture. Even if you have no experience, it’s never too late to try it out as the staff are very open and helpful to beginners who have never tried Thai Boxing before. Muay Thai is also a unique but good alternative to exercising compared to going to a gym.

However, if you do not prefer to get active, you are also able to just witness Thai boxing matches. You can often find Thai boxing matches at reputable establishments such as Lumpinee or Rajadamnern. Either way, you will be leaving with a special memory from Thailand through this activity.

Evening retail markets and merchandise destinations

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Thailand may have a good reputation in terms of nightclubs and bars but there is so much more to nightlife here. Many evening markets allow you to combine shopping and exploration altogether.

Evening bazaars in Thailand turn shopping into an immersive experience where these markets go beyond retail, offering a blend of culture, food, and local life. In major cities like Bangkok, you can enjoy street food, buy local goods, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

For example, Asiatique The Riverfront, accessible by a free river shuttle, features a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and street vendors. Located by the river, it’s a popular spot for post-work shopping and there are regular night events that make it a culturally rich experience.

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Many different bazaars are known for their creative and craftwork markets. These markets offer a fascinating range of unique souvenirs and artefacts, from handmade fabrics and intricate wooden sculptures to soap carvings and handmade handbags.

Explore the vibrant goods at Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar, or browse the vast variety at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, Asia’s largest open-air market. Under the decorative lights, you can find a special piece of Thai culture to take home. With so many stalls and stores, you will not be going home hungry or empty-handed.

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Art galleries and exhibitions

After a long workday, nothing calms the soul more than stepping through a gallery, peacefully walking through at your own pace, and appreciating unique art. Thankfully, Thailand has a handful of galleries that remain open until midnight or even later. Among these, Sathorn 11 Art Space, a two-storey gallery devoted to fine art exhibitions, and JAM, a hub for trendy street art displays, art discussions, and even indie film nights, stand out. If you would prefer to have a bigger selection of art, we recommend you visit the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre in Pathum Wan, where it ranges from art, music, theatre, film, and many more!

Fun activities to do after work in Thailand | News by Thaiger
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Furthermore, if you are a boat lover, visiting the Royal Barges National Museum is the place for you. The Royal Barges National Museum allows you to get a glimpse of intricately detailed boats, including some that carried the King. Admire the brilliant design of boats, constructed to accommodate up to 54 rowers, and discover the concepts behind this remarkable event, as well as the carved and colourful boats that partake in the Royal Barge Procession.

Spa and massage therapy

If you’re new to Thai work life or are a local, you must know that working in Thailand is no joke. After a long day, it is a necessity that you rejuvenate and refresh your body. What better way to do so than a full-body massage?

A therapist performing body massage on a caucasian woman at Dusita Spa, Koh Samui
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Experience ultimate relaxation with Thailand’s renowned spa and massage therapies. Thailand’s traditional Thai massage is famous for its rejuvenating qualities as it enhances your muscles, improves circulation, and overall, boosts vitality. Spas across the country offer a variety of treatments, including body scrubs, aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic practices. These serene establishments provide a calming atmosphere, making them the perfect escape from daily work stress.

There are a variety of activities that Thailand offers even after work hours and you can easily find an activity that matches your energy level. Tired? Head to the spa! Hungry? Head to the night market! Not sure? Maybe it’s time you hit a museum or a Muay Thai class with friends or your lover! Whether you prefer a simple activity or an intense one, you can most definitely make the most of your nights in Thailand. Your evenings are just as important as your work hours, so read more about how to have a stable work life in Thailand to continue a healthy and balanced life. Make the most of your time in Thailand!


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