Gourmet Market EMSPHERE: a new culinary destination opens in Thailand

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Gourmet Market, the premium supermarket and WORLD CLASS GOURMET DESTINATION invites all to experience the largest and ultimate dining kingdom at the new hot hit branch, EMSPHERE. This grand launch sets its mood and tone under the concept “HANG NEVER OVER: Shop, Taste, Chill, and Repeat”, which offers a unique shopping phenomenon with an assembly of ingredients and fabulous delectable dining selections. The complete ensemble of every dining desire includes the best of savoury menus, sweets, fresh produce, GROCERIES, and beverages from every corner of the world. This haven is the ultimate lifestyle solution, for the new gen community that never sleeps, right at the heart of Sukhumvit. It is now open today, every day, from 10:00 to 3:00, Gourmet Market, G floor, EMSPHERE.

Gourmet Market delights both early bird and night owl foodies with SHOP NEVER OVER

Gourmet Market EMSPHERE
PHOTO: Gourmet Christmas Wondersquare

A significant extravaganza for foodies, opening its doors to the new never-ending dining destination. It offers vast varieties of foods and beverages that have carefully selected the best quality ingredients, both locally and internationally sourced, to include over 20,000 items in the selection. This provides a continuous shopping spree with the following exciting dining zones:

  • The First in Thailand!!!DRY AGED BEEF LUMINOUS: Heaven for beef lovers at this zone of both premium local beef, and premium imported beef by James Madison. The shop is decorated with Light & Sound, for the first time in Thailand, with seatings to accommodate those interested in learning about beef, cheese, and wine pairing. Customers can hear the sound effects created specially to add flavour to the five senses. Moreover, there are services for customers who would like beef prepared and tailored-made for home cooking. There is also the dry ageing service to add to the flavorful experience.
  • SEAFOOD COUNTER: The ultimate imported seafood from the 7 seas, fresh local seafood from the Gulf of Thailand, and from the Andaman Sea. Every item is fresh daily with high hygiene standards, which offers the first DRY AGED SEAFOOD that preserves the fresh taste of each fish, maintaining its sweetness and tenderness. The zone offers the widest variety of fish cuts to select from and many other varieties of seafood that customers can choose for the Chefs to create sushi or sashimi menus as the customer desires. There are also many types of ready-to-eat menus to choose from that are meticulously created, including different types of rice bowls.
  • BEVERAGE: Enter theWine Cellar to discover many great wines, Premium Whisky, and some of the finest Spirits, presented from over 40 countries, and over 1,500 Also, introducing, The Wine List, a new shop of imported wines, with expertise in selecting premium wines at affordable prices. There is also a Cigar Room, specially designed to control temperature and humidity, which maintains the products at its best quality, exclusively at EMSPHERE. Furthermore, there is the VESSEL Bar, offering both Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic beverages, with over 340 menus on its drink list, selected from every corner of the world.
  • YOU HUNT WE COOK: Enjoy the experience of different food styles, exclusively at EMSPHERE. Get ready to taste a variety of new menus that have been inspired by dishes from around the world and made from the best premium ingredients meticulously selected. The experience also includes the signature service that allows customers to select and purchase premium ingredients, from all over Thailand and around the world, at ‘Gourmet Market’, for the Chef to create a unique menu fresh off the rack, customized just the way you like it.
  • Gourmet Deli: Experience the never-ending excitement with a variety of international ready-to-eat menus that are made fresh daily. The assembly of premium ingredients from around the world have been carefully selected with healthy produce in mind, which is sure to feel like the Chef serves every menu straight to your home.
  • Healthy Bar: The ultimate new experience that combines the needs of every lifestyle into a bar for health lovers.
  • Imported & Local Fruits: Imported and local seasonal fruits offered fresh daily.
  • Imported Groceries & Snacks: An assembly of products and snacks from every corner of the world.

Celebrating the launch of the new EMSPHERE branch with special promotions! For M Card members:

Gourmet Market EMSPHERE

– Receive up to 300 Baht Gift Voucher with shopping purchases at Gourmet Market in accordance with the terms and conditions, from December 1-11, 2023

– Receive a Free Limited Edition Bag by Jirayu Koo, valued at 450 Baht with shopping purchases of 3,500 Baht at Gourmet Market, from today until December 31, 2023.

– Enjoy shopping many buy 1 get 1 Free products that will rotate new discount items for customers to select every weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for 7 weeks from December 1, 2023, to January 14, 2024.

Gourmet Eats goes all out with the delicious EAT NEVER OVER concept an assembly of hot hit cafes and well-known street foods that include prize-winning shops, guaranteed for its deliciousness from all over Bangkok. Also, many more variety of different style trendy shops, both local and international hits, including:

  • From Café to EMSPHERE– An assembly of renowned cafes, such as: TitiCaca Brunch Club, a coffee shop and café for coffee lovers that is served with brunch; Bijoux de beurre Echire, the French style contemporary viennoiserie by ‘Chef Champ Panichkul’; Brassica Doughnuts, homemade doughnuts by Khun May – Voranut Taychatanachuen and Chef Cong Wen, the well-known pastry chef from Singapore; Evie’s Cookies, the huge American-style, homemade soft cookies with oozing fillings that use premium ingredients imported from France; Wabi’s, homemade bakery from premium ingredients that includes natural yeast and a meticulous baking process; Montagne, the French style confectionery shop led by ‘Chef Poon – Phupha Chunharat’, the award-winning pâtissier from the Sweet Chef Thailand; and Self, the natural blended vegetable and fruit juice that thoughtfully creates every recipe to fit the consumers’ lifestyles and tastes.
  • Award-Winning Street Food – Leading with Phad Thai Fai Talu, the well-known Phad Thai shop that has gotten recommended by Michelin Bib Gourmand 5 years in a row; Fad Khao Mun Gai, the Singaporean style chicken rice by Chef Enoch Teo; Lurd Thip Street, a shop with a variety of menus, Thai, Chinese, seafood and Lhao menus (auspicious Chinese dishes) by Chef Kik-Gamol Chobdeengam, the winner of Iron Chef Thailand; 26 Express by Yih Sahp Luhk, a Michelin Chef’s restaurant with Hong Kong style menus, and presenting a special menu, beef rice pot with cured egg yolk and assorted hot pot. Moreover, there will be many popular shops offering TAKE HOME menus, including Patongo Sovoey Café Banglumphu, Kanom Bueng Waan Pueng Noi, Babin Juntima, Cheng Sim Ei Luelun Sathan Logan shaved ice, and Curry Puff Madam Mae.
  • The Trendy– An assembly of renowned local and international brands, including Hongbao dim sum, Wonjo Korean kimbab, Gindaco Takoyaki, Teraoka Gyoza, the 7 years gyoza champion, Funtuan, Taiwanese hand-rolled rice and fillings, and Preez lab yoghurt bar.

Furthermore, the event space has been transformed into a shopaholic and foodie haven. Everyone can enjoy a never-ending rotation of delicious foods, from every festivities, all year round, with HANG NEVER OVER, letting you chill out all year long!

Gourmet Market EMSPHERE

  • WINTER WONDERSQUARE– Sending off the end of the year and welcoming the new year with the cool breeze, happy festivities, and the replicated winter market that transports you abroad, as if walking and chilling in the winter wonderland of another country. Also, enjoy selecting delicious foods, beverages, and sweets from renowned shops, including: BURGER, KARIMAKI, NIYOM NOMSOD, BUSABA CAFÉ & BAKE LAB, DIVA, CHUBBY TIGER, GELATO ELEMENTARY, MTCH, BAKE BY CHEF BURIN, NEVERMIND BY SCHMIDT CO., LTD., HAAB GO, kanom kai (egg cakes) from Banthat Thong Road, SOFT SOFT HOMEMADE, SCENE BANGKOK, and LEVAIN BAKERY. In addition to the above, there are also gifts, souvenirs, snacks and beverages, exclusive to the festive season, and the New Year’s hampers by prestigious hotels. Also, the joyful atmosphere of celebration is completed by music performances and street shows throughout the month until January 7, 2024, at the Sphere Market, G floor. Additionally, a super special offer of the Ceremony chocolate, with 1,000 Baht shopping purchase per receipt at Gourmet Market, during December 9-10 and 23-24, 2023, join the Chocolate Bomb Workshop at the Winter Wondersquare, limited to 25 privileges/day, or receive a Chocolate Ball, each decorated with cute hand-painted Christmas designs, limited to 75 privileges/day.
  • SLEEPLESS METROPOLIS, Eat, Shop, and be Merry – a delight for night owls, who get hungry late at night, to enjoy filling up till morn with special menus from renowned shops, including: Phad Thai Fai Talu, FATT CHICKEN RICE, LERT TIP STREET, Praeng Nara pork balls, the original Mahachai grilled cuttlefish, Gui Chai (garlic chives dumpling) from Phlu Market, 26Express by Yih Sahp Luhk, and many more.

Special Sleepless Promotion* 22.00 – 10.00

  • Present the 500 Baht discount voucher with shopping purchases of 1,000 Baht or more/receipt at participating restaurants (limited 1,000 privileges throughout the campaign)
  • Receive a 500 Baht cash voucher when making purchases at the YOU HUNT WE COOK counter and GOURMET DELI counter, with purchases of 1,000 Baht or more/receipt. The 500 Baht cash voucher can be used for the next purchase with no minimum spending (limited to 400 privileges throughout the campaign at the YOU HUNT WE COOK counter, and 200 privileges throughout the campaign at the GOURMET DELI counter)
  • Receive a 100 Baht discount voucher immediately by presenting receipts accumulated to 300 Baht from the Take Home Local department (limited to50 privileges /day, or 3,100 privileges throughout the campaign)

*Request for more details on the terms and conditions at the cashiers. Vouchers can be used from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024, 22:00 – 10:00. There are limited vouchers throughout the campaign and vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.

Join this joyful and delicious dining experience that goes beyond expectation in the delightful spectacle, HANG NEVER OVER, to shop, taste, chill, and repeat at the Gourmet Market, EMSPHERE branch today, open 10:00 – 03:00. For more information, news, and special promotions, visit www.facebook.com/GourmetMarketThailand.

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