Fortune Cookie Eatery foresees delicious meals in your future

Is it possible to find premium American Chinese food in Bangkok? This is the simple question which restaurant owners Martin and Meihua asked themselves one day. Over their years of travelling in the U.S., they found themselves drawn again and again to the hearty flavours of American Chinese cuisine.

Upon returning to the chaotic food hub of Bangkok, Thailand, Martin and Meihua began searching tirelessly for a restaurant that would satisfy their cravings, and were disappointed to discover only inauthentic alternatives.

Fortune Cookie Eatery Restaurant Thonglor 21.

Yearning for premium, Western style Chinese Food in Bangkok, they realised there was only one option left, and out of this frustration, Fortune Cookie Eatery was born.

Fortune Noodles with Honey BBQ Pork.

Signature dishes of Fortune Cookie Eatery

Let’s start by reviewing their signature dish, the Fortune Noodles with Honey BBQ Pork. Unlike the underwhelming “signature dish which you must try” menu items you would find in other restaurants, the Fortune Noodles encapsulate the true essence of American Chinese cuisine. The pork is tender, and the sweetness of the honey BBQ pork perfectly blends with the hearty stir-fry noodles. Mix in some fresh vegetables for a bit of crunch, and you have the perfect centrepiece for your next American Chinese food night in!

To call yourself a true connoisseur of American Chinese classics, you would have to have tried the iconic dish Orange Chicken. A comfort food for foreigners, Fortune Cookie Eatery perfectly balances the crispiness of the skin with the sticky orange glaze. Each bite of their chicken is perfectly complemented by the tangy sweetness of the orange sauce. The chicken remains crispy yet succulent in the middle, and the secret lies in the kitchen.

Fortune Cookie Eatery Orange Chicken.

At Fortune Cookie Eatery: every dish is made fresh in house! Prepackaged, mushy frozen egg rolls delivered to your doorstep is now a nightmare of the past. Fortune Cookie Eatery guarantees flavourful, premium Western Style Chinese cuisine, with generous servings of meat and vegetables. All these dishes are at a reasonable price, making Fortune Cookie Eatery one of the best affordable restaurants in Bangkok.

Take their Fresh Pepper Wagyu Beef for example. Wagyu = expensive, right?

Wrong! Fortune Cookie Eatery piles their dishes high with mouth-watering premium quality beef to have on your own or share with friends. Their in-house pepper black sauce perfectly complements the rice and healthy greens, but let’s not forget about the star of the show, the Wagyu Beef! The renowned Wagyu fatty marbling means every bite melts away in your mouth, and the irresistible spice blend keeps you going back for seconds and beyond.

Fortune Cookie Eatery foresees delicious meals in your future | News by Thaiger

Desserts to try from Fortune Cookie Eatery

While Fortune Cookie Eatery’s focus is on providing premium American Chinese food in Bangkok, they do not shy away from culinary innovation. Unlike typical American Chinese restaurants, you can also find classics with a local twist, our favourite being their range of dessert wontons! Their chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter wontons are a real standout, the creativity of filling crispy wonton shells molten, gooey delights is a groundbreaking texture and flavour combination.

Fortune Cookie Eatery foresees delicious meals in your future | News by Thaiger

Fortune Cookie Eatery wants you to experience the flavours and traditions of authentic American Chinese food in Bangkok. One of the most important traditions (especially cherished by children) is reading fortune cookies at the end of a meal, and Fortune Cookie Eatery gives you cookies with special messages to make you smile!

For orders over 300 THB you will receive one free fortune cookie packaged in with humorous messages from the benevolent fortune cookie gods. Even better, for orders over 1000 THB, you will receive three free fortune cookies! Make sure to look out for food reward codes redeemable for free dishes on your next order at Fortune Cookie Eatery, the perfect food deal for foreigners on a budget!

Fortune Cookie Eatery foresees delicious meals in your future | News by Thaiger

Fortune Cookie Eatery is open for deliveries, with their soft launch wrapping finishing up on the 28th of June. For this promotion all menu items are 20% off, so get in now before this restaurant takes Bangkok by storm.

From the 29th of June to the 1st of July, ALL items will be discounted by 50%! These are huge savings for lovers of American Chinese cuisine at one of the best affordable restaurants in Bangkok. If you haven’t tried this type of food before, then you NEED to add it to your next dinner plans (while maybe cancelling the rest of your week’s plans to make space for reordering)!

Fortune Cookie Eatery is available for delivery on Grab, LINEMAN, and FoodPanda, or you can order takeaway from their restaurant on Thonglor 21. Also make sure to keep in touch with Fortune Cookie Eatery by following their social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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