Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far)

PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

As Bangkok’s bustling food scene continues to evolve, fresh and delightful dining experiences are popping up across the city. Perfect for those with an appetite for culinary adventure, the Thai capital never fails to deliver the goods – exciting the senses and setting a new benchmark for urban epicureans. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best new restaurants that Bangkok has to offer so far.


Emotion Restaurant
PHOTO: Emotion Restaurant

Opening hours: Daily, 08:00 – 00:00
Address: 223 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
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First on our list of Bangkok’s best new restaurants is Emotion, a unique dining haven that blends classic European delights with an Asian twist that’s as irresistible as it sounds. Come early in the morning and let the fragrant aroma of their breakfast menu pull you in. Choices range from English and French specials to Burger and Green Breakfast, starting at 270 THB. To top it off, a cup of fragrant coffee, complimentary accompanies each set, promising a delightful start to your day. Looking for a quick yet delicious lunch? Starting from 290 THB, their business set lunches are made to give working professionals a hearty, delicious, and efficient meal that won’t break the bank.

Big Green Salad at Emotion Restaurant
PHOTO: Big Green Salad at Emotion Restaurant

Throughout your meal, be it breakfast or lunch, Emotion’s charming open terrace invites you to soak up the lively ambience that only Sukhumvit Road can offer. But their indoor area is equally beautiful, with modern and clean decor to ensure you have a delightful dining experience regardless of the hour. But besides the tasty food and the enchanting settings, at their core, Emotion is all about connecting with their guests. Their dedicated team strives to exceed all expectations and provide exceptional service at affordable prices.

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PHOTO: Tangerine Chicken at Occa's
PHOTO: Tangerine Chicken at Occa’s

Opening hours: Daily, 06:00 – 22:00

Address: 22 Tower B, 22 Ekkamai 2 Alley, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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Fresh ingredients and unique flavours are the name of the game at Occa’s – a modern fusion restaurant in Ekkamai. This casual dining spot, led by Chef Golf, serves a mixture of Asian and Western dishes. Come for breakfast or brunch, and try their big breakfast plate or signature brunch menu like Benny Au Yuzu (eggs benedict with yuzu hollandaise).

Come back again for lunch or dinner, and start your meal with Tangerine Chicken. It’s an addictively crunchy fried chicken coated in tangerine orange and soy sauce. Then, continue with one of their pasta dishes, like the signature Umami Bisque – a perfectly cooked fettuccine and succulent prawns, all bathed in a rich seaweed bisque sauce. Another delightful pasta to try is the Miso Carbonara. With smoked bacon, furikake, and parmesan, it’s a seamless blend of Japan and Italy on one plate.

PHOTO: Australian Black Angus Beef at Occa's
PHOTO: Australian Black Angus Beef at Occa’s

Want something more fulfilling? Occa’s Australian Black Angus Beef is a must-try. The melt-in-your-mouth striploin is complemented by Nam Jim Jaew for a Thai twist and Nippon Butter. For a taste of the ocean, we recommend their Andaman Grouper, a pan-seared grouper with flavourful Maldivian curry sauce served with warm roti. Finish off your meal with one of their desserts. Our favourite is the signature White Snow, which is miso-caramel panna cotta with jasmine cream and yuzu meringue.

All these delightful dishes are served in a cosy and inviting dining room, the perfect setting for cherished moments with friends and family. And did we mention that Occa’s is pet-friendly? Yup! Their warm atmosphere welcomes everyone, including your four-legged friends.


PHOTO: Inddee - Best Bangkok new restaurant
PHOTO: Inddee

Opening hours: Daily, 17:30 – 22:30
Address: 68, 1 Soi Langsuan, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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Tucked away in a small soi off Langsuan Road—same location where the original Gaggan once stood—recently opened is the masterfully curated ‘Inddee’; an escape to authentic Indian gastronomy. This 19th-century house welcomes seekers of cultural and culinary experiences to a haven of new-age Indian cuisines, complemented by extraordinary Indian-inspired aesthetics.

The grandeur of the place begins with enveloping in tranquillity surrounded by ferns and fountains. All of its beauty is captured in an enchanting play of light designed by renowned Matteo Messervy. Once beyond the arched entrance, two open kitchens await you, flanked by two wine cellars. Upstairs, under grand vaulted ceilings, you find two beautifully designed seating areas connected by a live cooking station. Moreover, a striking thing about Inddee’s ambience is the unmistakable yet subtly infused presence of India’s rich culture, reflected in various artworks.

PHOTO: Inddee - Best Bangkok new restaurant
PHOTO: Inddee

The culinary journey curated by Head Chef Sachin Poojary, all the way from The Taj Mumbai, is a seven-course tasting menu crafted to tickle your tastebuds with some truly innovative Indian flavours. Among the offerings are temptations like scallop tartare with injipuli and roasted cauliflower purée, black cod with Bengali kasundi and pickled ginger buds, and spiced quail with parsnip purée. Adding a more inclusive touch, Inddee also offers a full vegetarian menu.

While food is the star here, the wine program curated by sommelier Thanakorn “Jay” Bottorff has its own stellar presence. The collection includes over 60 wines by the glass and a whopping 600 labels by bottle. Moreover, wine pairing packages are available and specially designed to complement the tasting journey.

Den Kushi Flori Bangkok

PHOTO: Den Kushi Flori Bangkok - Best Bangkok new restaurant
PHOTO: Den Kushi Flori Bangkok

Opening hours: Wednesday – Monday, 12:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 22:00
Address: Erawan Bangkok Building LG Floor, Unit LG-06 494 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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Announcing its arrival in style, the acclaimed restaurant Den Kushi Flori has finally made its way to Bangkok. This is, obviously, a fond treat for ardent fans of Japanese fine dining. With three gastronomic masterminds behind it, namely Zaiyu Hasegawa, Hiroyasu Kawate, and Susumu Shimizu, this culinary venture finds home in the plush Erawan Bangkok building. It’s a taste of Tokyo like no other.

Den Kushi Flori Bangkok boasts an intimate setting with an exclusive 18-seater dining counter. With a minimalist interior and an open kitchen where all the magic unfolds, the atmosphere echoes both charm and culinary craftsmanship.

Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far) | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Den Kushi Flori Bangkok

With a 100% import rate from Japan, you’re in for a treat that tells a unique tale of flavours meticulously (and uniquely) crafted with French culinary techniques. The 5-course lunch set and 7-course dinner menu offers truly extraordinary creations. The delightful offerings of deep-fried taro, miso bisque, and tender wagyu are just a few dishes from the offerings that are set to leave you yearning for more.

Complementing this delicious fare is a small but divine selection of wines and sake, designed to weave a harmony of flavours. So, if you’re up for a fine dining experience that spells elegance with a warm hint of comfort, a visit to Den Kushi Flori will undoubtedly end up as an unforgettable culinary journey.

Bistrot De La Mer

Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far) | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Bistrot de la Mer

Opening hours: Daily, 12:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Address: 80 Soi Ton Son, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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There’s a little slice of the South of France tucked away in the heart of Bangkok, serving up a gastronomic treat like no other: Bistrot De La Mer. It’s a charming restaurant where Mediterranean culinary charm melds flawlessly with the buzzing pulse of Bangkok, promising a dining hommage to French coastal cuisine in the Sindhorn Kempinski.

Perched on the 19th floor of the iconic hotel, Bistrot De La Mer unfolds a classic French menu, each item an ode to the rich culinary heritage of Southern France, crafted with love by their Chef de Cuisine, Slawomir Kowalik.

Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far) | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Bistrot de la Mer

Salivating at the thought of succulent Fruits de Mer or a finely curated cheese trolley? Bistrot De La Mer is your go-to. Adore the comforting bite of an escargot or the delight of a fresh salad Niçoise prepared tableside? Look no further.

In true Mediterranean spirit, the bounty of the sea gets its due attention too. Their incomparable fish bouillabaisse and lobster thermidor honour the tradition of a regional favourite. For those seeking a fresh catch, the restaurant also features a seasonal catch-of-the-day, thoughtfully chosen in keeping with its coastal theme.

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to complete your culinary journey with a splendid selection of wines and digestifs – the perfect way to round off an indulgent meal.

Nikaku Bangkok

PHOTO: Nikaku Bangkok - Best New Restaurants in Bangkok
PHOTO: Nikaku Bangkok

Opening hours: Daily, 12:00 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 22:30
Address: G Floor, 106 North, W Bangkok, S Sathon Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
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Nikaku Bangkok is a restaurant comfortably nestled in the stylish W Hotel. This isn’t just a new restaurant – it’s a journey through the splendid flavours of Japan, right here in this vibrant city.

Front and centre of Nikaku’s culinary wizardry is the pioneering Chef Setsuo Funahashi. Bridging generations of sushi craftsmanship, Chef Funahashi honed his skills in Tokyo’s traditional Edo-mae scene and brings his Michelin-starred expertise to Bangkok. Celebrated as a change agent in sushi craft, he has intrigued palates and headlined gourmet reviews.

PHOTO: Nikaku Bangkok - Best New Restaurants in Bangkok
PHOTO: Nikaku Bangkok

At Nikaku, every dish is a testament to the freshness of the produce. Be it the intricate nigiri or their diverse offerings, the seafood hails directly from the buoyant waters of Kyushu. Sourced meticulously by Chef Funahashi, the catch you taste here might just be fresher than what’s served in some restaurants in Japan.

Accompanying this feast is another discovery – the unique Kyushu Tea Experience. Unfailingly fragrant and surprisingly multifaceted, these tea pairings offer a fitting note to the sushi affair.

Nikaku, which translates as ‘two cranes’, symbolises prosperity in Japanese folklore. This culinary destination strives to serve that very prosperity to its patrons, one delicious bite at a time.

Hybrid Restaurant Wine and Bar

Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far) | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Hybird Restaurant and Wine Bar

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 17:00 – 00:00
Address: Mahatun Plaza, 876, 878 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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If you’ve ever daydreamed about a gastronomic trip to Italy, fused with the delightful taste of Thailand, you must allow yourself a trip to Hybrid Restaurant and Wine Bar. This one-of-a-kind restaurant sits comfortably within the relaxed ambience of Mahatun Plaza, Bangkok. It marries East with West in a delightful burst of flavour.

At the heart of Hybrid’s magic is Chef Sasha Phoomcharoen, whose extensive culinary journey incorporates a decade of experience in Italy including time at the Michelin-starred La Pergola Restaurant at Roma Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria. Not one to rest on her laurels, she then lent her expertise to Thiptara restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel before launching Hybrid.

Best new restaurants in Bangkok (so far) | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Hybrid Restaurant Wine and Bar

Her dishes enthusiastically thread Thai and Italian influences, morphing them into a completely original dining experience. Feast on the 9-course ‘Travel Diaries’ degustation menu which treats you to gems like the delightful duck confit with red curry, pineapple, macadamia, and kumquat, and the intriguingly dubbed ‘Bloody Bouef’, realising an interesting medley of tenderloin tartare, Northeastern Thai spices, tamarind gel, and a dash of whisky.

Hybrid’s exciting fusion doesn’t stop at the food; it extends to the wine list too. The optional wine pairing brings a remarkable collection of labels to your table. Thus, it’s bound to make your dining experience even more memorable.

Feel that rumble? That’s your tummy telling you it’s time to experience these new restaurants in Bangkok!

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