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Why advertise on The Thaiger?

The Thaiger offers brand managers, marketers, agencies, and local businesses the opportunity to reach new customers through highly targeted and innovative digital advertising campaigns.
With one of the largest English-speaking audiences in Thailand, we’re known and loved by just about every ex-pat in The Kingdom. And our reach doesn’t stop there, our reader-base and viewers can be found all around the world – but they all have one thing in common, a love for everything ‘Thailand’.

News Authority

The Thaiger is the media arm of Digital Broker Ventures (also Fazwaz, MyMediTravel, Mordee, BoatCrowd). Founded in 2017 and formally The Phuket Gazette, The Thaiger is a leading English and Thai-language news, information, and lifestyle resource for ex-pats, locals, and anyone that loves Thailand.

We have a proven track record in driving traffic, leads, and intent-driven customers.

The Thaiger is the second biggest source of English news in Thailand and aims to be number one by 2022, as measured by pageviews.

Although appearing as ‘just another news provider’, The Thaiger has a range of custom processes and software that make it the leader in the ‘new normal’ of news and information publication.


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Advertising options available with The Thaiger

One of our Advertising Managers will discuss the best options available to you based on what your desired outcome is. Not all our advertising campaigns will suit your needs, so we need to explore your options in detail before we decide.

Popup Advertising

A popup advert will be seen at least once by every single person that comes to our site, and more for returning readers.

On-page Advertising

There are a few places on the homepage or article pages where we can place a banner, ensuring your ad gets seen by everyone.

Press Release

Know exactly what you want to publish on The Thaiger already? We can publish it right away, and we offer great prices on PR.

Thaiger Influencer

Want to get really noticed? Get a professionally produced and edited video and article that we’ll share on our social media.

Sponsored Content / Advertorial

One of our professional writers will put together a glowing promotional article that’s guaranteed to stay on page 1 of Google.

TNT Sponsorship

Our flagship daily show, Thailand News Today (TNT), gets half a million views every month on our YouTube channel alone.

Understanding each other and managing expectation is key

It’s easy for us to accept your money and put an ad on The Thaiger, but we want results just as much as you do. Because if you’re happy, we’re happy…when you come back for more with the next campaign requirements!


It’s also important for you to understand exactly what we can and can’t do and what we have and haven’t done before.

Knowing your Needs and Budget

Are you focused on brand awareness or do you only care about generating more leads for your team to convert into paying customers? Do you need more than just an advertising campaign with The Thaiger? Maybe a full Digital Marketing and SEO package would suit you better – then we can pass you over to REMarketing who can handle everything, including placing the best ads on The Thaiger.

Understanding your biggest challenges

Have you already run some similar advertising campaigns? Did they achieve what you’d hoped they would? Probably not, otherwise, you’d stick with it. So what do you think went wrong?

Know our audience and what our reach can achieve for you

With millions of readers every month, many of which being English-speaking, The Thaiger is one of Thailand’s biggest English-speaking websites for audience and reach. Not only that but our demographic is extremely targetted, so if your product or service is ideal for ex-pats or foreigners who love everything about Thailand, then you’ve come to the right place. And if you’ve got something the Thais will also like, we can just push it out on the Thai site too!

Understand our expertise

We’re more than just an online newspaper sales team, we understand the digital marketing sphere. Our team is responsible for more than 15m monthly pageviews across industries like news, property, medical, and jobs.

Know our customers

Some of Thailand’s biggest and well-known brands trust The Thaiger to build their brand and generate more business through our digital advertising. We currently work with or have worked with Fazwaz, Axa Insurance, VietJet, Bangkok Hospital Group, Minor Food Group, and Hotel Group to name a few.

Customer Ratings


19 reviews

Customer Reviews


The Thaiger team was great at listening to our requirements and putting the proposal together. After we discussed amongst ourselves, we spoke with the sales team and then it was clear what we needed. Our advertorial gave us the exposure we needed and at the best price.

Zaw Min Oo, Sikarin Hospital


We did a month-long campaign with TheThaiger to promote a sales event and generated over 3K client registrations with surprisingly high budgets and a ton of conversions – will definitely leverage TheThaiger again for all future campaigns we do.

Brennan Campbell, FazWaz


We needed something to help our brand and to get people talking about us more because so many new coworking companies now. We didnt have so much to spend so thaiger team said do advertorial and now it is first page google and gets us lots of clicks to website.

Glowfish Co-Working Spaces


We use Thaiger for many content projects and they always help promote our brands, but we want to work on YouTube channel too but cannot agree price yet. Hopefully soon we will.

Thom, VietJet


I love using Thaiger and my clients always enjoy seeing their brand doing well on Google when thaiger does an article on them. As an agency, we can negotiate great prices on bulk orders, so we can deliver real value. The links we can build to customer sites from the thaiger give real value because the site is such an authority in thailand.

Jordon, Global Servicing


I like thaiger for their speed, especially when we want to do urgent promotion related to Covid testings. We are now planning our next project with them. The expat medical market is so busy in Thailand with so many hospitals offering the same thing, so we reply on sites like the thaiger to promote our brand and packages. We also use it to target Thais too.

Pornthip, Bangkok Hospital Group


We have been working with Thiager for some time now and we always get great visibility for our hotels when we advertise with them. I personally feel the banner ads we used on Thaiger give our brand real visibility to the exact audience we want to target. Even the Thais and expat come and stay with us after seeing our ad.

Sumolthip, Cross Hotels & Resorts


Another great advertorial and banner ad campaign to help us push our restaurant awareness. Great help, thanks thaiger team!!

Pannichay, Minor Food Group

The Thaiger Advertising Prices

See our most popular products and learn what you get with each – prices are available on request. We’re currently offering heavily discounted prices to help businesses during these tough times. Prices are negotiable based on volume and requirements, just discuss with our Sales Team.

For more information, you can send us an email at or complete our Inquiry Form by clicking the Get a Quote button and we’ll you our complete Rate Card and arrange a call to discuss our options for working together.

Advertorial and Sponsored Content


Our most popular requests because they are so powerful. Using The Thaiger’s authority and team of professional writers, we can create a natural-looking and compelling article about your company that reaches page one of Google within 4-6 weeks and gradually climbs up to the 1-3 spots, giving you invaluable exposure, FOREVER!

Power Package

  • ‘Best of’ or ‘Top 5-10’ article inclusion of 500 – 1,000 words
  • Link to your website with contact details
  • Facebook share
  • Lifetime guaranteed
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request

Platinum Package

  • Dedicated article about your business only
  • Link, Contact details, Facebook share, lifetime guarantee
  • Republished and reshared 6m and 12m later
  • No other on-page advertising
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request
Press Release


We work with many local agencies who constantly send us tailored content ready to be shared on The Thaiger. We’re always happy to share relevant and quality content, whether it’s for our English audience or our Thai audience.

If you’re an agency with many clients, get in touch to discuss a deal for multiple Press Releases and we’ll bring the cost per release right down!

Press Release Package

  • 1 article
  • Up to 5 images
  • Links to client website
  • Social media shares
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request
Thaiger Influencer


Given The Thaiger’s reach across our website, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, we’re able to bring you our latest all-in-one package, Thaiger Influencer. You get all the benefits of the Sponsored Premium Package, and then we’ll send our video team to your business where we’ll put together a 15-20 min promotional video to premiere on our YouTube channel.

All videos are professionally produced and edited by our team, and we work with you to develop the schedule – we can spend a day working with you, go through and interview staff, suppliers, customers, anything is possible!

Thaiger Influencer Package

  • 1 article, same as the Premium Package
  • 2x republish and reshare
  • Dedicated video, professionally presented and edited
  • You’re the director!
  • Featured on our YouTube, Facebook, website, email distribution
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request
Thailand News Today (TNT) Sponsorship


For as little as 23,000 THB, you can sponsor our flagship daily news broadcast – Thailand’s most popular English-language daily news show. Each show attracts 25,000 – 55,000 unique viewers, so your ad could be heard/seen more than a quarter of a million times in one week.

Our TNT sponsors get their company product seen by an extremely targeted demographic, so if you fit this, the TNT Sponship package can be like gold dust! If you don’t, we’ll suggest something else.

TNT Sponsorship Package

  • Appear at the start and/or middle of the show
  • Up to 10 seconds long – script to be agreed upon
  • Videos shared on website and social media
  • Visual display also available to show
  • Additional production/creatives can be discussed
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request
Popup Advertising


Available exclusively on the Homepage and/or article pages – this form of high-impact advertising delivers effective brand messaging and links straight back to your website. We always advise you to create a bespoke Landing Page to drive clicks through, where you’re able to convert much higher than a Homepage link. Our team is here to advise how best to set this up and what you should expect from your spending on this campaign.

Popup Advertising Package

  • 1 popup ad featured on desktop and mobile site
  • Appears before users ‘click off’ to read the content
  • Adjustable in size, format, shape, and behavior
  • Every site visitor will see this at least once per day
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request
On-Page Advertising


Classic banner-style advertising, with the option to feature solely on our Homepage and/or Article Pages. With differing sizes and formats available to choose from, our team will help you find the best solution to build your brand and drive clicks through to your website.

On-page Advertising Packages

  • Homepage: Top banner or under the featured article options
  • Article Pages: In-article with different positions available
  • Different formats and dimensions to choose from
  • Users guaranteed to see your ad on every article page they browse
  • Big COVID Discounts Available on Request

Speak to our Sales Team today and benefit from our heavily discounted ‘Pandemic Prices’!

The Reality of Advertising and Marketing

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.

How The Thaiger Roars!

Whilst breaking the news will always be our ‘bread and butter’, we continue to provide written and video content covering just about everything our consumers desire.

Using The Thaiger’s authority, we’re able to get all our content noticed, and by those who are actively searching for it. Our audience has intent and only sees the content they’re interested in.

The Thaiger Audience

Our biggest demographic is Thai speakers, accounting for 9-10 million monthly page views. But our most engaged and targeted demographic is the English-speaking ex-pats living in Thailand, followed by those who often frequent Thailand. So if your product or service is aimed at this demographic, advertising with us is a no-brainer!

The English-speaking audience accounts for 4-5 million monthly page views and over a million views on our YouTube channel. Not to mention half a million views on our Facebook page.

If you’re keen to advertise across the board; to Thai and English speakers, just let us know and we’ll put together a package for you.

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