10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022)

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Thailand is a popular place for expats from around the world to settle because of the affordable luxury lifestyle it offers. Living here you get to enjoy spectacular scenery, comfortable tropical weather, delectable inexpensive cuisine and low-cost living. Moving to Thailand is also like stepping into a gorgeous paradise if you are coming from a very cold country,

On the other hand, Thailand like any place, have drawbacks that might make expats life challenging in some respects. But don’t worry as we are here to advise you on some steps you may take to make life in Thailand easier.

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022)

1. Open a Thai bank account

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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Having a bank account in Thailand will make your life so much easier if you are planning to stay here long term. With bank accounts, your paycheck can be directly deposited into your account. Furthermore, you can make purchases with your debit card and pay your bills online. With a bank account application installed on your phone, you can avoid the hassle of going out and waiting in line to do your payments as all this can be done in the comfort of your own home. Also, most restaurants and shops allow you to make payments by scanning the QR code from your Thai Bank account so you don’t have to have too much cash with you all the time. Even small fruit stalls accept payment through QR codes.

Savings accounts are the most popular kind of bank account in Thailand. It comes with a debit card and passbook, sometimes known as a bank book, which keeps track of transactions. A savings account is the greatest option for the majority of expats because it offers everything you’ll need. Bangkok Bank, the largest bank in Thailand has a range of services available to expats. This bank offers the opportunity for foreigners to open a current account and make international money transfers via SWIFT. This feature is relatively uncommon among other Thai banks.

2. Familiarize yourself with the culture and customs

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger

It is advised that expats practice Thai culture and customs in order to settle well into the country. Politeness is greatly emphasized in Thailand so you would want to avoid raising your voice or being too direct.

Also in regards to greeting, instead of shaking hands or saying ‘What’s up’, in Thailand you place your fingertips together and just below your chin just like when you are praying and say, Sawatdee khrup (for male), Sawatdee Kha (female).

The harsh truth:

Thais have a strong sense of nationalism and will be more than happy to enlighten you with their unique history and culture. On the other side, you will always be seen as a foreigner in Thailand even if you have been here for a decade. Foreigners often are viewed as different. For example, if you get into a car accident, you will most likely be blamed for it even if it is not your fault. It’s basically seen in this manner. If you were not in the country, you would not have been in the car and no accident would have occurred.

3. Learn the language

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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One of the most important things to make your life easier in Thailand is learning the language. This is because many people in Thailand cannot speak English. By learning Thai, you have the opportunity to visit a greater variety of restaurants, shops, and less-touristic locations with ease. You will also avoid getting lost or getting ripped off. Learning phrases like “mai phed,” which translates to “not spicy,” can be helpful if you want to avoid having your tongue burn every time you eat. Mai Sai Phrik, which means “don’t put chilli,” is a better way to tell them if you don’t want any spice at all.

In regards to working, learning Thai will give you so many massive advantages. It will allow for smoother operations in the workplace. Furthermore, it will reduce the number of issues resulting from cultural differences and most importantly, learning the language will help you understand Thai people better—and this is the key to doing good business here! One of the language schools you can opt for is AAA Thai Language School. This school teaches everything from speaking to reading and writing to more advanced courses.

4. Download the 7/11 App

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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Downloading the 7/11 delivery app will make your life so much easier! Aside from just being able to order the snacks, this app also comes useful when you run out of certain items of groceries. For example, if you wake up in the morning and want to cook yourself a nice breakfast but realize you ran out of eggs, 7/11 can have it delivered to you in no longer than 15 mins. Or if you have a busy day at work and need to grab a bite before your big presentation, you can simply get your quick ready-made meal from 7/11. You will be surprised to know that there are also healthy food choices in Thailand’s 7/11.

5. Download Grab (for Transporation and food)

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger

Riding in a local taxi or Tuk-tuk in Thailand can be unsafe. And during rush hours, taxi drivers find the best opportunity to rip you off. By installing grab, your experience will be safer, more comfortable and more convenient. With Grab, you can avoid the experience of having to explain the ‘difficult to pronounce’ Thai locations’ to the driver because you can just select the location and pick-up point in the app. Users also won’t have to worry about their safety because the Grab office monitor can your ride and you can also share your location with friends or family.

Grabs also offer promo codes so that you can book your ride at a cheaper price!

Grab Food

Grab offers around 37 categories of worldwide foods including burgers, BBQ, rice bowls and sushi. Most expats use Grab Food because of its vast selection and reliability and ease to use. When you make your order, Grab food can show you the estimated waiting time until you get your food, the prices and the delivery charges. Once you make your order, grab will locate the driver nearest to the pickup point and have you connected with them instantly once the order has been accepted. With Grab, you get real-time updates and you can also easily change your orders.

6. Make a BTS/MRT card (If you are living in Bangkok)

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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Having a BTS or MRT card can save you so much time if expats in Thailand want to get around in Bangkok. You won’t have to wait in a long queue especially in an area like Asoke or Silom to get your ticket for a single journey. On top of that, it is cheaper! You can also use your BTS/MRT Rabbit card to buy snacks, food or drinks and a shopping mall.

7. Purchase Health Insurance

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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It is highly recommended for expats in Thailand to get good health insurance to safeguard themselves from costly medical care in Thailand. For example, if you have a serious injury that requires surgery or cancer, getting treatment and a top-notch hospital in Thailand can put a huge strain on your finance. With property Health Insurance, the insurance company is liable for the medical care costs. As a result, you can protect yourself from paying the full cost and get treatment in a good hospital without worry. To find out what insurance plan best suit your needs, see your options HERE.

8. Download Line ( A communication App)

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger

Almost everyone in Thailand uses Line to send messages. Although Whatsapp and Messanger are used here as well it is not used as the main method of communication. Most Thai people communicate via Line more and would expect you to have it. With Line, you can text for free, do a voice call, or video call and send cute emojis. Aside from that, you can also stream movies and RV series through Line Live or play entertaining games. There is also a Line Dictionary that users can use to brush up on their Thai.

9. To have a good social life here, join Meetups

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger
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If you have recently moved to Thailand and you want to make friends and have a better social life, it is a great idea to join Meetups. With Meetup, you will have the opportunity to make friends easily, participate in fun activities and hobbies you like or build a professional network. With Meetup, you can have the opportunity to build healthy habits by joining yoga, meditation and sports groups. There are also classes offered such as entrepreneurship, real estate or public speaking if you want to make a career move. Otherwise, you can just have fun and meet people who share your interests such as writing, dancing or Photography.

10. Hire a house cleaning service

10 things that can make expats life way easier in Thailand (2022) | News by Thaiger

The labour cost in Thailand is generally lower as compared to Western countries. Therefore it is an affordable luxury for many expats living in Thailand to hire a housekeeper or a nanny to look after children and help with household chores. Getting a maid in Thailand isn’t expensive especially if you get a maid who visits more than twice per week.

The leading online service marketplace in Thailand, SAIJAI, provides a wide range of qualified maids that will complete the job thoroughly and professionally, providing you more free time and peace of mind.

Please feel free to add any more tips or tricks that have helped you live better in Thailand in the comments section.

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