Thai FDA to go after misleading ads for nasal spray supposedly preventing Covid

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Thailand’s FDA is going after misleading ads that make it appear that a nasal spray can prevent or heal Covid-19. The FDA is currently gathering evidence to take legal action.

The FDA’s deputy secretary-general said today that Besuto Qlears nasal spray has an instruction for people to use it when they develop cold or flu-like symptoms.

The deputy secretary-general said the spray was registered for use to moisturise the nasal cavity during dry weather and relieve nasal congestion.

But the FDA has found misleading ads making it appear that the spray can heal or prevent Covid-19, influenza, and the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Thai media reported.

However, deputy secretary-general Dr Surachoke Tangwiwat said…

“Further human trials are needed to confirm its properties, and the results can be used to apply for permits with the FDA.”

Dr Surachoke said that cooperation from all sectors was requested to reduce the problem of misleading advertising.

An event was held to introduce the spray earlier this month by the Faculty of Tropical Medicine at Mahidol University, along with other groups.

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